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The wedding my father always wanted!

I know what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, but a wedding is a wedding, even if it’s really only a vow renewal, and wedding pictures should always be shared, right?  I also know that I’m a little late in fulfilling my father’s wishes on this point.  More than 13 years late, to be exact, but I’m thinking better late than never.  Again, am I right?  I mean really — we even had Elvis perform the ceremony!  And paid for everything ourselves!  Dad didn’t have to pay a dime!  And just like our *first* wedding, I cried this time, too.  I’m such a sissy.  😉

 *I only wish I’d been wearing better shoes here.  My feet really just hurt too much to wear anything else.

**I also have about 50 pictures that the professional photographer took.  If you’d like to see those, let me know.


Shoeper Challenge 6 of 58 (Montego Bay Club/Payless)

Another Payless shoe challenge post.  Hey, I love shoes.  I never said I loved buying EXPENSIVE shoes.  A lot of times the Payless ones are more comfortable, or allow me to indulge trends that I might not otherwise be able to justify for the cost.  I packed these low-wedge heeled silver flip-flops to wear with a dress that I didn’t end up wearing, but I did end up wearing the flip-flops almost the whole time we were in Vegas.

So for this Shoeper Challenge, I’m not limiting myself to a single outfit, but rather a few of the pictures Jim took of me in Vegas, having a FANTASTIC time.  🙂

Oh, and I was so happy to see expensive (and gorgeous!) shoes, that I fainted @ the Christian Louboutin shop in The Venetian.  I’ll leave it to you to decide if I was pretending or not…

Shoeper Challenge 5 of 58 (American Eagle by Payless)

I have to (and hate to) admit, but Shoeper Challenge #4 was tougher on my feet than I expected.  The red Madeline sandal heels are one of my favorite pairs of shoes in warm weather, so I thought they’d be OK, but they were no match for all the walking that we did in Vegas.  So, for planned Shoeper Challenge #5, I brought these gorgeous shoes that I got for Christmas with this outfit planned specifically around them.  Unfortunately, my feet wouldn’t let me wear them all day, but I think getting into them for the head-to-toe photo counts anyway, and I’ll be sure to wear them again when my feet recover from their trip to Sin City.

Without keeping you in suspense, here I am, all fancy for broad daylight on a Wednesday (in Vegas):

Found it!

Found it!

The plate says it all.

The plate says it all.

Shoeper challenge 4 of 58 (Madeline)

– Jim

We’re here!

We’re here!