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2nd Grade Math

Just a quick update on the subject of things Veronica needs to bring to her first day of 2nd grade next week.  Still unable to locate the notorious Math Packet online, I called the school, and lucked out that Veronica’s teacher was in the building, setting up the classroom.  So, I was able to ask her directly where online (or in brick & mortar) I might be able to get one.

She thought it was online, but didn’t have access to a computer to check, but I lucked out again that the K-6 Math Coach was also in the building today, and she was able to e-mail me a copy.  Hooray!  I’ve never been so happy to see homework in my life.  😉

It’s 11 pages, but only 2-3 questions on each page, so it should be a breeze for Smarty Pants Roni to complete by Tues. Aug. 31.

*Here’s the original post about the notorious Math Packet, in case you missed it the first time around: