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Pop Quiz!

OK, I’m having a total brain freeze, so I want to see if Jimmy & I are the only negligent parents when it comes to this single question:

Can you remember what your kids were for Halloween EVERY year?

Our kids are only 7 and 3 years old, so you would think at least for the 3-year old, this should be easy.  But it’s not.  Here are the ones we can remember for her:

2007:  Pink poodle

2008:  ? ? ? ? ?

2009:  Mermaid

2010:  Cinderella

For Veronica, it’s even harder, but here’s what I remember:

2003:  Giraffe

2004:  Monkey

2005:  Dalmatian

2006:  Dash

2007:  Pink Poodle

2008: ? ? ? ? ?

2009:  Hannah Montana & Fairy (different costumes for different occasions)

2010:  Little Leopard

Maybe we were just on crack in 2008???  Bonus points to anyone who can refresh my memory for what either of my kids were in 2008.  There goes Mother-of-the-Year.  Anyway, do tell.  Can you remember your kids’ costumes every year?


Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat!

Napping in the yard ;-)

Napping in the yard 😉

Putting her to work

Putting her to work

30 October, 2010 19:12

I gotta have Faith.

30 October, 2010 18:54

Yabba Dabba BOO!

Busy Saturday

First, I got up & dressed just in time to get Roni to skating lessons.  Again.  I even remembered to have her wear her costume, and I even remembered to bring my camera.

After skating, I took her to dance with plenty of time to spare.  Then, I drove home and pretty much just slowed down while she jumped out.  I made sure she got in the house, then called Jim to make sure he saw/heard her come in.  Then I was off for my 2:00 hair appointment.

Yes, I’m high maintenance.  Sometimes.  You wanna’ make something of it???

I’m long overdue for a trim, and I decided to splurge on having my hair done for my “official” 2010 Halloween costume.  For those of you who still don’t know what this costume will be, here’s another clue.  My hair is orange, and styled in a bun.  A big one, right on top of my head.  It’s outrageous, but awesome.

Anyway, It’s almost 4:00, and I’m just now getting a chance to eat lunch, but I didn’t forget to WI this morning either.  It was a disappointment though.  I gained 1/2 pound.  So, now I’m 15 lb. down, 39 to go.  I think I’ll go for a run tomorrow morning.

Until then, my parents are coming over @ dinnertime to babysit the girls, while Jim & I head out to his sister’s annual Halloween Bash.  Pictures later…