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One and a Half!!! =)

Jim & I are now the proud & happy owners of a home with 1.5 working bathrooms.  Yee-ha!!!

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We may still hang shelves (with baskets) over the toilet, and may frame some flower photographs I’ve taken to decorate a little more (and replace the ugly soap pump), but this is pretty much it, and I love, love, love it!!!  Enough that I can’t stop using three exclamation marks after everything I type.  Eek!!!  😉

So now that it’s done, what do YOU think?



Making a bathroom is HARD work

And here are some photos of our bathroom remodeling project at various stages of completion to prove it.  The most horrifying pictures show the damage that had been done behind the old insulation on one of the exterior walls, which we obviously had replaced before we proceeded with fresh insulation & drywall.

For the record, we did most of this work ourselves, but we did hire a professional for the electrical & plumbing work.  And ultimately, the rebuilding of the damaged exterior wall & replacement window installation.  We also had a load of help & guidance from Jim’s sister Kariann and her husband Doug, who have much more experience with this kind of project than we do, and I’m not sure how we’ll repay them, but I have a feeling baked goods will be part of the equation.

So for your perusal, here are the “during” pictures:

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For what it’s worth, these pictures span from June 24 through Aug. 28, 2011.  Not exactly as speedy as we would have liked, but most of the work was done on weekends, with a few work/weeknights thrown in for good measure.

Good Riddance…

…to my yucky, messy, ugly, old laundry room.  And HELLO beautiful new bathroom.  Before I show you the gallery of pictures of my now 99% complete downstairs half-bath, I’d like to share the horror (no really, consider yourself warned, the before pictures are pretty awful) of how this room looked before we started working on it.  These pictures start after we took out the old washer & dryer, but before we did anything else.  You can see the walls, window & floor were a complete mess.  The wall on the side that connects to our pantry wasn’t even a full wall.  It was open on the whole bottom half (which accounts for some of Lucy’s beagle mis-adventures, but that’s another story).

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Next, I’ll show you all the “during pictures” before I finally let you enjoy the visual fruits of our manual labor.

Holes in her head!

So, Veronica’s birthday isn’t until next week, but this week, both girls had their annual check-ups with the pediatrician.  They’re both healthy as can be, but as an early birthday gift, we let Roni get her ears pierced!

Here she is in her “before” picture, with Brie, who never wants to be left out:

She was very excited about this, until it actually happened.  I think she was a little nervous, but was cool as a cucumber until the piercing was done.  About 3 seconds after the click, she started crying and saying it hurt a lot, which kind of broke my heart a little bit.  But, once done, ear-piercing can’t exactly be un-done, so I snuggled her a little, and when she found out she’d get to pick a prize from the toy bucket, she perked up a little.

Enough for me to take this “after” picture at least.  =)

The wedding my father always wanted!

I know what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, but a wedding is a wedding, even if it’s really only a vow renewal, and wedding pictures should always be shared, right?  I also know that I’m a little late in fulfilling my father’s wishes on this point.  More than 13 years late, to be exact, but I’m thinking better late than never.  Again, am I right?  I mean really — we even had Elvis perform the ceremony!  And paid for everything ourselves!  Dad didn’t have to pay a dime!  And just like our *first* wedding, I cried this time, too.  I’m such a sissy.  😉

 *I only wish I’d been wearing better shoes here.  My feet really just hurt too much to wear anything else.

**I also have about 50 pictures that the professional photographer took.  If you’d like to see those, let me know.

Shoeper Challenge 6 of 58 (Montego Bay Club/Payless)

Another Payless shoe challenge post.  Hey, I love shoes.  I never said I loved buying EXPENSIVE shoes.  A lot of times the Payless ones are more comfortable, or allow me to indulge trends that I might not otherwise be able to justify for the cost.  I packed these low-wedge heeled silver flip-flops to wear with a dress that I didn’t end up wearing, but I did end up wearing the flip-flops almost the whole time we were in Vegas.

So for this Shoeper Challenge, I’m not limiting myself to a single outfit, but rather a few of the pictures Jim took of me in Vegas, having a FANTASTIC time.  🙂

Oh, and I was so happy to see expensive (and gorgeous!) shoes, that I fainted @ the Christian Louboutin shop in The Venetian.  I’ll leave it to you to decide if I was pretending or not…

Shoeper Challenge 5 of 58 (American Eagle by Payless)

I have to (and hate to) admit, but Shoeper Challenge #4 was tougher on my feet than I expected.  The red Madeline sandal heels are one of my favorite pairs of shoes in warm weather, so I thought they’d be OK, but they were no match for all the walking that we did in Vegas.  So, for planned Shoeper Challenge #5, I brought these gorgeous shoes that I got for Christmas with this outfit planned specifically around them.  Unfortunately, my feet wouldn’t let me wear them all day, but I think getting into them for the head-to-toe photo counts anyway, and I’ll be sure to wear them again when my feet recover from their trip to Sin City.

Without keeping you in suspense, here I am, all fancy for broad daylight on a Wednesday (in Vegas):