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Rough night.

I am one sleepy mama today.   Yawn!

10:00 p.m. (ish) — I fall asleep on the couch, watching TV, after eating a can of Chef Boyardee for dinner (does it matter what was actually IN the can?  I’ve also decided True Blood on HBO is too graphic & violent for my taste.  I tried to watch the 3rd season opener on DVD for the 2nd time, and decided to give up on it.  I like the books, but I guess some images are better left in my head than translated to TV.

11:00 p.m. — I wake up, remove my contact lenses & go to bed.

3:50 a.m. — Sabrina comes in my room and tells me she wants to snuggle.  I tell her to go back to bed, and promise to snuggle her in the morning.  She asks for a drink of water, and I tell her to go get one, then get back in bed.  Thankfully, she CAN get her own drink of water, but CANNOT (yet) climb into my bed without assistance.

5:38 a.m. — I wake up to Veronica climbing on & over me to get into my bed.  She has a hard time climbing into the covers, and once she gets in there, her elbows are all over the place, so I roll over, and see that it’s 5:38 a.m., and my alarm will go off in 4 min. anyway.  I also have a headache, so when I come downstairs, I’m not annoyed at all (really!) that Jim didn’t turn off the downstairs A/C when he came to bed 10 min. after me last night.  Electric bill be damned, I cannot function if I’m dripping in sweat!

Now — Off to check in on FB, take the dog out, and get dressed & ready for work.  It’s kind of nice that it only feels like Tuesday or Wednesday, when really, tomorrow is Friday, so that’s a plus, right?  Tomorrow’s a short work-day for me too, which is always good. 

Happy Thursday, Friends.  ♥