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#77 Photo Every Day (Jun. 5)


Band Day!


#45 Photo Every Day (May 4)

IMG_2943 (copyright)

So humble, but so beautiful. Like Saturdays in general, don’t you think? So often full of laundry, grocery shopping & other humble activities, but by far, still the best day of the week.

#43 Photo Every Day (May 2)


Veronica and a friend at the Donovan Elementary annual spring song & dance extravaganza. I only wish I was close enough to know what they were talking about & how this conversation went. I bet it was interesting. 🙂

#38 photo Every Day (Apr. 27)

IMG_2802 (copyright)

This was a gorgeous sunny day to take a picture of this hidden beauty in the middle of a shrub on the side of my yard. Is it me, or does the bright sun on the petals *almost* make them look like they’re made of plastic?

#35 Photo Every Day (Apr. 24)

IMG_2765 (copyright)

I love spring. Maybe even more than I love seeing the first crocuses, I love seeing the first tulip. This is the first one in my yard this year. And I don’t remember ever seeing this color before, but I like it. Do you?

Photo Every Day #31 (Apr. 20)


Saturday was the show itself. Here are the girls and another skater with Roni’s coach after the show.

Photo Every Day #30 (Apr. 19)


Friday night was dress rehearsal for the annual Commonwealth FSC Ice Capers show. Very exciting!