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#37 Photo Every Day (Apr. 26)


International Place in Boston, where I work. On a nice clear, blue sky Friday morning. 🙂


#36 Photo Every Day (Apr. 25)


Taken in the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston.

#35 Photo Every Day (Apr. 24)

IMG_2765 (copyright)

I love spring. Maybe even more than I love seeing the first crocuses, I love seeing the first tulip. This is the first one in my yard this year. And I don’t remember ever seeing this color before, but I like it. Do you?

#34 Photo Every Day (Apr. 23)


Today, I thought about posting a picture of a clearly very tired Sabrina. But I decided on this close-up profile of Veronica instead. It’s not quite what I envisioned, and it’s more shadowy than I’d like, but it’ll do.

#33 Photo Every Day (Apr. 22)


Today’s picture is some buds on a branch outside my kitchen window, but I liked how they look kind of like a shadow of a rose against the blue sky & clouds.

#32 Photo Every Day (Apr. 21)


Lucy beagle is ready for her close-up. It’s amazing to me how brown her face used to be compared to how much white is there now. She’s still my sweet troublemaker though.

Photo Every Day #31 (Apr. 20)


Saturday was the show itself. Here are the girls and another skater with Roni’s coach after the show.