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Photo Every Day Lucky #13 (April 2)

IMG_2433Jim was cutting up some Bell peppers, and thought it was cool that this one had a miniature pepper embedded inside it.  So I decided to use it for photography practice.  I think it makes a cool picture, and I’m pleased with it.  But Jim thinks it just looks like a plain old picture of a pepper, which I suppose technically it *is*.  But I like how I got it composed against the brick  background, and decently centered and focused.  What do you think of it?


Photo Every Day #9 (Mar. 29)


Today we decorated some Easter cookies since the girls had no school.  Their usual all-day backup care was closed today too.  So I took the day off to stay home with them.  I don’t remember what Roni said that was so funny, but I promise she’s laughing here, not crying.  And Brie just had to cover her eyes.  It was THAT funny.  At the time, it was, anyway.  The main thing is that they had a fun time “painting” the cookies to bring to Easter brunch on Sunday.

Photo Every Day #7 (Mar. 27)


For your photography enjoyment today, here is a puddle.  In a parking garage.  With a drip from above.  I love the concentric ripples of water and the reflections of light on the water & pavement.

It was either this or a rusty old payphone.  I couldn’t decide which one to use for this day, so I let Veronica choose.

Photo Every Day – Day 4 (Mar. 24, 2013)

IMG_2250 (playdate)

Yesterday, I brought my girls, plus two friends (Marie and Madelyn) to see The Croods.  We all enjoyed the movie.  And when we got home, the girls had a good time playing & being silly in the yard in beautiful early spring 50-degree weather.  I like how this shot captures their silly happiness.  Girls rule!

New project coming soon

I think I’m going to start a new project soon, where I take and share at least one photograph every day for a year and share it here. Stay tuned. I may have posting delays if I don’t plug my camera(s) into the computer, but I hope this will be fun & interesting for all of us.

Shoeper Challenges #52, 53, and 54

These pictures were taken Jan. 25, 26, and 31.  Since it’s Superbowl Sunday, I’m sure nobody cares about my shoes (even if they might on other days), but when I start something, I get all perfectionist and almost always finish it.  So aren’t you glad there’s only a few more pairs left?

I also realized all 3 of these outfits include at least one thing I got for Christmas!  🙂

Here I am on Jan. 25 in my leopard flats, which are one of my favorite pairs, so I can hardly believe it took me this long to wear & photograph them.  The blazer in this one was a Christmas gift.


Here I am in head-to-to gray on Jan. 26.  These shoes were a Christmas gift, and go perfectly with these charcoal tweed-ish textured pants.

Last, but not least, is another one of my favorite pairs.  These are actually my 2nd pair of Aerosoles “high stride” boots, because I loved the first pair into the ground.  I went all black & white with these, and met 4 separate work deadlines this day, Jan. 31.  Crazy times, and February’s looking just as crazy.  In this one, the skirt was the Christmas gift.

So there you have it.  Merry Christmas and Happy Superbowl Sunday!

One and a Half!!! =)

Jim & I are now the proud & happy owners of a home with 1.5 working bathrooms.  Yee-ha!!!

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We may still hang shelves (with baskets) over the toilet, and may frame some flower photographs I’ve taken to decorate a little more (and replace the ugly soap pump), but this is pretty much it, and I love, love, love it!!!  Enough that I can’t stop using three exclamation marks after everything I type.  Eek!!!  😉

So now that it’s done, what do YOU think?