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One and a Half!!! =)

Jim & I are now the proud & happy owners of a home with 1.5 working bathrooms.  Yee-ha!!!

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We may still hang shelves (with baskets) over the toilet, and may frame some flower photographs I’ve taken to decorate a little more (and replace the ugly soap pump), but this is pretty much it, and I love, love, love it!!!  Enough that I can’t stop using three exclamation marks after everything I type.  Eek!!!  😉

So now that it’s done, what do YOU think?



Our new 3rd grader!

Well, today was the last day of school for Veronica.  It was supposed to be last week, but because of all the snow days we had, it was extended until today.

Going out for ice cream was her reward for staying on “green” in her class for good behavior. Every day. All year.   I can hardly believe it, because she’s had MORE than her fair share of behavior at home that would have landed her on yellow or red, but out in the world, she’s apparently a kind, considerate human child.  Go figure.

In her report card, her teacher even wrote: “Veronica has been a great asset to our classroom this year.  I have thoroughly enjoyed having her.  With Veronica’s friendly, cooperative attitude, she will always be a pleasant addition to any class.”

*I just wish she’d demonstrate more of that friendly, cooperative attitude at home!

Shoeper Challenge 26 of 60 (rsvp)

Well, here’s another pair of shoes saved in Shoeperwoman’s shoe challenge.  And I apologize that this picture’s almost a week old now.  I wore these shoes on Sunday June 5 to celebrate my niece’s HS graduation.  The school colors are red & white, so OF COURSE I had to wear red shoes, right?

But, while normally red shoes make me (very) happy, today I write in sadness.  Because as much as I’ve come to love (all) my heels, I can’t wear them for awhile.  As a result of trying to take up running to aid my weight loss efforts, which I was also REALLY enjoying (go figure!), I ended up with Achilles tendinitis in my right leg.  It’s been sore for many weeks now, and I have been avoiding running for fear of making it worse.  This week, I finally found time to get it checked by a doctor, who delivered the expected bad news.

To treat this condition, I have to take Rx strength Advil for a week.  I’m also supposed to stick with flat shoes, and add an arch support insole, because I’m nearly flat-footed, and the nurse practitioner thought that might have also contributed to my Achilles problem.  So, no more heels for awhile, which makes me sad now that it’s FINALLY pretty shoe season.

Last but not least, I’m embarrassed to let you know I’ve also gained back some of the weight I’d lost.  When I weighed myself the day after this picture was taken, I had re-gained 7 lb. from my lowest recent weight.  I’ve recommitted to my efforts & goals though, and even decided to join a “Biggest Loser” style weight-loss pool.  So my current stats from last summer are that I’m down 14 lb., with 40 lb. to go.

I’ve had a great week of eating more dairy, fruits & veggies, and drinking more water though, so I’m eager to see if the scale rewards me tomorrow.  I’ll keep you posted, and try to get back to regular Saturday updates.

Shoeper Challenge 22 of 59 (Jaclyn Smith)

It’s been awhile (again!) since I posted a shoe challenge.  But, I persist in wearing shoes.  Victory!  I am determined, and even if I lose some of my shoes in this whole scenario, they will likely be ones that will not cause me any distress to lose.  Either that, or I’ll just have to be better about taking head-to-toe pictures in my “boring” office shoes in the next 9 months.  Oh, the suspense!  I bet you can’t wait to see all of those.

Summer shoes, on the other hand, are much more fun, prettier, and generally more colorful.  For my 22nd entry into Shoeperwoman’s shoe challenge then, I hereby present my K-mart silver sparkly sandals, which I wore on Saturday April 30, for the occasion of Veronica receiving her First Communion. 

Veronica had sparkle in her shoes too, as you can see in this picture of the two cutest sisters in the whole, wide world.  Can you tell how proud of them I am?  I think this was one of the proudest days of my life, honestly. 

And last, but not least, here’s a picture showing the detail on my shoes, since it doesn’t show that well above:

Walk for Hunger – 20 miles on Sunday May 1, 2011

I’m going to do the Walk for Hunger this year on Sunday May 1.

In addition to being something I’ve felt strongly about for a long time, this year, with everything my dad’s been through, and seeing the importance of nutrition to his health so dramatically, I feel like it’s especially important to help EVERYONE have access to good, healthy, nutritious food, even if they can’t afford it. So, if you click on this link to my walk page, I hope you consider making a donation to Project Bread (tax deductible if you itemize!) Big or small, every donation helps. I just made my own pledge of $100, but even as little as $5 makes a difference, and if you want to donate privately, there’s a place where you can elect to be seen in my roll of donors or not.

Thanks in advance for any pledges.  ♥

Easter rain shower

After a lovely, warm, sunny morning, THIS is what we got around 5:00 in the afternoon.  Bummer.  It’s not raining hard though, and it’s still a pretty cool looking sky with the gray & white clouds blending together like this.

*p.s.  I lost 1/2 lb. in my Saturday weigh-in this week.  Down 20.5 lb., 33.5 to go.

See-Saw weight loss

Good Times! Right?

When I weighed in yesterday, I had gained 1.5 lb. from last week, putting the new total at 18.5 lb. lost, with 35.5 lb. to go.

Because I’m insane and like to play headgames with myself though, I weighed again today, and had lost that 1.5 lb., despite eating a thanksgiving-style dinner last night, AND a slice of decadent chocolate birthday cake.  Huh?  How does that happen?  It’s a mystery to me.  But, it puts me back at 20 lb. lost, with 34 lb. to go, so I think I’ll take it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if eating a Thanksgiving dinner every day would just MELT the pounds away?  I think so.

*Oh, and my 2-mile run yesterday might have helped too, but it’s much less practical to do THAT every day, even though I’ll admit I kind of enjoy it.  You know, a little.  It’s not as good as a fresh pedicure or a trip to Vegas or anything, but it’s still better than going to the dentist (which I’m not afraid of or anything, but let’s face it, going to the dentist is never truly enjoyable).  😉