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30 for 30 day 29

30-for-30 items:  Green v-neck sweater, brown tweedy dress-pants (I don’t know the actual name of the pattern, sorry!), and brown patent croco-print slingbacks.

Accessories:  Pink/Purple sunglasses (Jim & I actually debate about whether they’re pink or purple – I know the picture’s dark, but let me know what YOU think).  Purple beaded necklace (which I oddly remember that I wore on my first day back @ work after Sabrina was born in 2007 — it’s odd that I remember this because I have NO IDEA what I wore my first day back after Veronica was born.  Weird, huh?)

Notes:  Not pictured are my heavy wool peacoat, gloves, hat, and scarf, because for the love of cheese, it was COLD outside yesterday.  That’s also why this picture was taken on the covered overpass above the tracks at my train station, because I couldn’t bear to remove all my winter outerwear on the platform.  Interestingly, it hasn’t even snowed yet (knock on wood — I’ve been hearing forecasts that we’ll be seeing our first flurries any day now).


30 for 30 day 28

30-for-30 items:  B/W “bubble” top, black dress pants, and red high-heel mary-janes.

Accessories:  Large shell disc necklace.  I bought this from a street vendor at Park St. Station (on Boston’s subway red line, for those who don’t live around here) back in 2005-2006, I think.

Notes:  Just an ordinary work-day outfit.  If I look a little tired, it’s because Jim took the picture at the end of the day, when all I wanted was to change into PJ’s and get comfy on the couch to watch some TV after the girls went to bed.

30 for 30 day 27

30-for-30 items:  Black cashmere turtleneck, Charcoal dress pants, and black shoe-boots

Accessories:  Pink sparkly scarf (borrowed from my 7-year old, who’s already WAY more stylish than I am). 

Notes:  Not the best picture in the world, but this is at South Station this morning, in front of the Christmas train display.

30 for 30 day 25 w/ a handsome stranger

30-for-30 items:  Black flared dress (Calvin Klein), black cardigan, and black patent heels

Accessories:  Silver circles watch, Red tights, green necklace (another Francesca’s favorite), pewter sequined purse, and trusty husband, looking dashing himself in his velvet blazer.

Notes:  This was at my company holiday party, which was at the State Room Boston.  I’d never been there before, but the views were truly breathtaking.  The party was also beautifully decorated, with good food, open bar, and a great live band playing classical-style music during dinner.  Who can resist smiling when you hear the Snoopy Christmas Special music anyway?  Not me, that’s for sure.  The DJs were not so great, but I hate dancing at these events anyway.

I was also kicking myself when I saw this picture because I realized that I forgot to wear my skinny belt with the silver buckle that makes me actually look like I *might* have a waist, but oh well.  No-one’s perfect, right?

30 for 30 – day 24


30-for-30 items:  Boot-cut Levi’s, Pink corduroy blazer, Ivory ruffle-tank, and leopard flats.

Accessories:  Yellow & white belt, brown rhinestone watch.

Notes:  This was taken @ South Station as I was leaving work to go home & get ready for my company’s holiday party.  Which was a good excuse to squeeze two 30-for-30 outfits into one day to make up (a little) for skipping 2 days when I didn’t feel well enough to bother getting dressed at all.

30 for 30 day 23

So, back to work today.  Strep day 3, antibiotics day 3.  At least I’m not contagious, and the pain in my throat & head is a lot less today even than yesterday.  I mostly just feel a little run-down & congested still.

30-for-30 items:  Green v-neck sweater, charcoal textured dress pants & pewter jewelled ballet flats.

Accessories:  Tortoise & rhinestone sunglasses, multi-colored scarf (which I don’t think I’ve ever worn with green before), Mickey Mouse watch, and my fuschia purse that I love in winter.

30 for 30 day 22

30-for-30 items:  Lavender cashmere tee, boot-cut Levis, and leopard-print flats

Accessories:  Brown rhinestone watch, lavendar long rings necklace, LOTS of patience*

*Refer to my post about the Christmas Sneak-Peek photo, for an explanation of why I had a little extra patience today.  I also spent the day de-cluttering, and lots of that clutter had been on this fireplace bench area where I’m now sitting.  You can see there’s still a pile of magazines for me to sift through (and ultimately recycle), but I’m pretty pleased with what I accomplished today, as if staying patient for the Christmas pictures wasn’t accomplishment enough.  I have no serious complaints though.  The photographer is worth the wait, takes great pictures, and the girls were very well behaved.  It also doesn’t hurt that they threw in a free collage for the delay.  I have to admit, I do love free stuff.  🙂