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p.s. by Karen

I really do hate dressing up for Halloween.  Maybe I wouldn’t mind if I was a size 2 (or 8) and looked good in everything, but it’s hard otherwise to not feel ridiculous in almost any kind of costume.

If only I got to buy cute new shoes for these costumes, maybe it would be more fun for me, as I’m becoming quite addicted to shoes & shoe shopping.  These are the objects of my desire today, but dammit, since fall in New England is typically cold & wet, they’re just not practical for MANY more months.  Orange is a good Halloween color though, right?  Maybe if I get to retire in Southern California, I’ll get to wear shoes like this in the fall someday…,, and


All Hallows Week

So it’s Halloween week, my favorite week of the year, and like Freddy Kruger I bet you all thought we were dead since we haven’t posted anything since September.  But in the true spirit of the season I’m back and giving it another shot.  Although likely, just like Freddy, this new burst of blogging energy will die.

Big goings on this week for me as I am on vacation.  Not a real vacation, but a don’t go to work vacation.  It’s just like the three months I spent laid off, except I get paid more.  The week started off with a bang as Karen and I went to see Keb’ Mo’ at the Somerville Theater.  For those of you not familiar with Keb’ check him out on iTunes.  Awesome blues.  He’s also borderline psychic as he intro’d one song by saying it was about how men have to know that they will lose every argument to their woman.  He then looked at Karen (we had front row – who’s the man?) and said “Look at her, she knows what I’m sayin’.”  He then pointed at me and said “And he ain’t saying a thing.”  He was right.  I’m dumb, but not stupid.

Anyway, after that we took a bit of a downhill detour as I played football on Sunday morning and dislocated my finger.  Not too badly but it put me in a splint for the entire week and is making typing this blog an exercise in patience as my right ring finger wants to keep hitting the wrong damn keys.  Sunday was also the day of our kids Halloween party so I was gimping along to get that ready with the equivalent of four fingers on my right hand since I had two taped together.  No way I was going to the ER and sitting there for six hours for a finger.

Adding to the downturn was Roni’s strep throat that came in on Wednesday.  We got her some medicine quickly so she just missed the one day of school but it was a miserable day for her and a boring day of sitting in the house with a sick kid for me.

Tonight we have a “Harvest” party at Sabrina’s daycare that both girls are excited about.  It’s not a Halloween party because that’s too religious, although there will be costumes, spooky decorations and one year two witches came in and told stories.  Ah, the traditions of harvest.

Finally we have a double main event of the week on Saturday with trick or treating followed by Kari-ann’s costume party.  I even got Karen to agree to wear a costume which she hates doing, so there’s a chance despite the finger and the sick kid this could end up being the best Halloween week in some time.  We’re going as Dora and Diego, mostly because I figured getting Karen into a costume would mean finding one that is simple to wear.  Shorts, t-shirt, sneakers and a backpack fit the bill.  I got her a Dora-ish wig too, but we’ll see how long that lasts once the drinks start flowing.