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April Fools! (kind of)

So after all the hype last week that we were likely to get at least 6 inches of snow, THIS is all we got. 

It was gross, and cold, and heavy, wet snow, but even so, it was really nothing more than a slushy inconvenience, and yesterday’s weather was about 55 degrees, and mostly sunny.  Happily, as promised, the snow is already melted.  I couldn’t even get out in time to snap good pictures of the crocuses poking through the snow, like I had hoped to.  I took a few with my cell phone, but I don’t love how they turned out.  Maybe I’ll add them to this post later…


Reality bites!

This post serves only to demonstrate one thing.  I am sick of winter.  The snowbanks in my neighborhood are higher than my car, and nearly as high as the street signs, making it nearly impossible to navigate many intersections safely, and today, in addition to mountainous heaps of snow everywhere, we were treated to the variation of having ice fall from the sky, line the streets, and coat my car.  Never mind the water damage and probably flooding that will plague us when all this snow finally melts.

I wish we could all just hibernate and come out in May when the weather becomes bearable again.  

Pet Peeve of the Day

No, this will not be an actual daily feature.  Even though it probably could be.  I have a LOT of pet peeves.  Like when people say nucular instead of nuclear.  Or liberry instead of library.  But I digress.  Nobody actually did that today, which is good.  Plus it’s Friday, which is also good.

Do you know what’s NOT good?  You might, but I’m going to tell you anyway.  My evening commute is not good.  It’s full of crazy Massholes who drive too close behind me.  During the day, I can accept this.  At night however, it drives me.  COMPLETELY.  INSANE.  Especially when said crazy close-drivers insist on using their high-beams.  And when said crazy close-drivers (like close-talkers, for those of you who are Seinfeld fans, only in cars) drive the commuter equivalent of Monster Trucks, so that their “normal” headlights are about 3 feet above where they would be on a “normal” passenger vehicle.  Which makes them glare right in my eyes through my rear-view mirror.

So I end up flipping up my mirror every night, and sometimes even adjusting my side mirror when these crazies veer to one side or the other behind me.  And, while minimally inconvenient, I completely hate it, and therefore, I believe it truly classifies as a pet peeve.

But it’s Friday, so I’ll cope.  And the days are getting longer, so hopefully it won’t be long before my evening commute is once again done during daylight hours.

Did you miss me?

I know I didn’t blog much this week.  It was a pretty crappy week, to be honest.  As most of you know, I learned on Tues. Dec. 28 that my dad has been diagnosed with lung cancer.  It really doesn’t get much worse than that, does it?  He’s keeping a positive attitude though, which I suppose is all we really *can* do for now.  He was originally supposed to have a petscan done Wednesday or Thursday to see if the cancer has already spread at all, but then found out he has to wait until his insurance company has the results from his biopsy regarding whether the cancer is small-cell or not.  I don’t know much about what difference that will make for his prognosis or treatment, but I know it’s frustrating to sit & wait when I just want them to start treatment already.

As soon as they have that, presumably, his petscan will be approved and done within 1-2 days, then go from there.

Keeping with the subject of family members’ health, Sabrina’s right ear is infected AGAIN.  For the third time since Thanksgiving.  When she burst her eardrum that weekend, the rupture STILL hasn’t healed.  So she started a third round of antibiotics (never the same kind twice).  She’ll go back to the Dr. mid-January to make sure the infection(s) are clear, and to make sure the rupture is healed.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Veronica seems OK with her Lyme disease though.  The specialists are fairly certain she doesn’t also have Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is a big relief, but she’s getting antsy on restricted activity.  We let her go sledding yesterday though, in her new inflatable sled, which she loved.  Luckily, she didn’t take any catostrophic spills.  And, she’s past the half-way mark through her six bottles of Amoxicillin.

For yours truly, I forgot to blog my weight update last week, but it was an exact maintain.  I didn’t gain or lose anything.  This week, I gained 1 pound though.  I confess that it was probably because I indulged in a little bit of stress-eating.  It didn’t help that the snowstorm we had on Sunday left me holding a pound of fudge in my fridge that I’d intended to bring to my mother-in-law’s, but because we couldn’t visit her on Sunday, I kind of ate most of that fudge myself, generally 2-3 squares at a time.  I should have known that wouldn’t be the magic diet/weight-loss solution I’ve been wishing for.  Sigh.  Oh well, it’s a new week, and a new year.  I’m pretty pleased with the 17 pounds I lost and managed to keep off during 2010.  37 more to go in 2011.

Jim un-Christmas’ed our house yesterday, so that should help with any inclination to eat any more holiday treats.  It was also near 60 degrees most of today, so maybe if tomorrow’s warm or mild again, *maybe* I’ll squeeze in a workout tomorrow to get 2011 off to a good start.

I hope 2011 is a happy & healthy year for all of you!  I’m not a big fan of making New Year’s Resolutions, but if you make one, what is it?  I’m nosey that way.  😉

This *inch* of snow

This *inch* of snow…

MORE than quadrupled my evening commute!  It’s ridiculous how people forget to drive when it snows for the first time every year, even though it snows every.  single.  year.  in Boston.  Insanity!

What have I done??? :o

You might have read my post about Veronica’s playdate with a friend whose parents we don’t really know.  It didn’t really go so great.  Apparently, I don’t learn from my mistakes like normal people though, because Jim is throwing another kids’ Halloween party this year.

In the past, this party has been great fun.  We invite our close friends who have kids near the ages of our kids, and everyone has a good time.  The kids dress up, some of the parents dress up, I get to bake spooky goodies, and we usually end up lighting a fire in the backyard fireplace, and chillin’ until the kids get too tired to stay any longer.

This year, we’re planning all those things, except we (really, me) decided to invite ALL the kids in Veronica’s class.  It seemed easier at the time than making her choose 3 or 5 kids to invite, and ask them not to blab to everyone else, so there are no hurt feelings.   We did that for her birthday party last year, and it was a huge hassle.  Plus, we needed RSVP’s for headcount, and had a hard time getting three RSVPs.  Since the Halloween party’s more like an open-house kind of event, the RSVP’s shouldn’t matter as much.

However, the problem I think we have failed to adequately address in advance is that parents might think that they can just drop off their precious 7-year old at our house, and come back a few hours later to pick them up.  This is a problem because THAT.  CANNOT.  HAPPEN.

There is no way on God’s green earth that we can supervise 20+ small children, even within the confines of our 1/2 acre fenced backyard.  Roni delivered her classmates’ invitations today, and we already got the first RSVP phone call, which was promising that someone called already, but VERY, VERY discouraging that this mom seemed surprised when she asked if her little darling should wear a costume, and I replied:  “Yes, the kids should wear costumes.  Costumes are optional for the parents.”

Her reply was something along the lines of “Oh… <insert pause here>  We have a 2-year old too.  Are siblings invited too?”  Caught off-guard, because of course I didn’t think of this in advance either, I said “Sure!”

Ugh!  I’m going to have to save some calories for alcohol that day, I think.  Hopefully only the families we really know stay very long, and hopefully, no-one shows up planning to do a drive-by drop-off.  But really, why do I bring these situations on myself?

I usually consider myself to be fairly intelligent.  Today is just not one of those days.   😦

Things that went wrong tonight…

*I was late showing up.  Our guest’s dad showed up and was waiting outside when I got home. 

*The reason I was late is that Sabrina had a potty-training accident in the parking lot of her school as we were leaving, so I had to go back in to change her clothes.

*About 30 seconds after we go into the house:  “Mrs. Bell, I’m afraid of dogs – your dog looks scary.” (OK, I’ll put her in her room if she’s bothering you.)

*5 minutes into the movie:  “Mom!  Is supper ready yet?”  (um, no, give me a minute!  Dog is in the kitchen with me, begging)

*15 minutes into the movie:  “Mom!  Can we play instead of watching the movie?”  (sure, why the heck not?)

*1 minute later:  “Eeeeeeeek!  The dog is scaring me!” (fine, I’ll put her in her room)

*5 minutes later:  “Mom!  Can we wear roller skates?”  (No!)

*Fast forward to dinner actually being ready:  “Mrs. Bell, I don’t like yellow (wax) beans”  (that’s fine, just don’t eat them, but Veronica – you have to eat yours).

*2 minutes after that:  “Mrs. Bell, I don’t drink milk.”  (OK, fine, you can have water instead).

*10 minutes later, with a plate full of macaroni & cheese, and mangled bits of hotdog:  “I’m full.  But, can I have dessert?”  (No sweetie.  In this house, if you’re too full for dinner, you’re too full for dessert.  If you’d like to finish your hotdog and macaroni, if you’re hungry again, then you could have dessert.)

*A million years later (OK, fine, probably just another minute or two):  “Mom, my friend spilled her water all over the rug.” (OK, let’s get some paper towels.  At least it’s just water.  And mumbling under my breath, if we ever do this again, we are not letting anyone eat anywhere but the kitchen…)

*I ate one hotdog, and I’m considering rounding out my dinner with 2 or 3 Mike’s Hard Lemonades!  It’s either that or a giant ham & cheese calzone, which would certainly not help my weight-loss effort any.

And things that went right tonight:

*The girls had a good time.

*Lucy was unsuccessful in her bid to sabotage my hotdog cooking efforts.

Alternate titlesCalgon, Take Me Away, Why Mommy Drinks, Why I Like My Own Kids Better Than (Most) Other People’s Kids, How Do Other People DO This? or What Was I Thinking Scheduling a Playdate on a Monday Night?