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Happy Halloween!

For Veronica’s class this year, they’re not allowed to wear costumes to school (don’t get me started, I think that’s ridiculous!), but they are allowed to bring in treats to share with the class.

So, instead of just buying a bag of candy, I seized an opportunity to make a recipe I saw in a magazine for this creation called “Candy Corn Fudge” and I hope it’ll be a big hit.  The recipe couldn’t have been easier, either!  The only hard part was cutting it after it had set, b/c the knife kept getting stuck in the cold candy corn.


Here’s the recipe if you want to try it.  I came from Woman’s Day October 2011 issue (page 114):

Ingredients:  8 oz. cream cheese (room temperature), 2 cups powdered sugar, 2 tsp. vanilla extract, 3 cups white chocolate chips (approx. 18 oz.).

Optional:  2 cups mini pretzels (or broken pretel pieces), 1 cup cried cherries, 1 cup candy corn

Preparation:  Line a 9″ square pan with parchment paper, leaving overhang on all sides.   Mix the cream cheese & sugar in an electric mixer until smooth (approx. 2 min.), then add the vanilla & mix until smooth.  Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave according to package directions (for me, it was 2 minutes @ 70% power).  Add the chocolate to the cream cheese mixture and mix until smooth again.  Fold in the pretzels & cherries (if used), and transfer to the prepared pan.  Top with candy corn & refrigerate until firm (at least 2 hours, and up to 2 days).  Use the edges of the parchment paper to transfer the fudge to a cutting board and cut into 1″ pieces.

The magazine suggests serving each square in a mini cupcake liner, but as you can see, I just stacked them up in a disposable Gladware bowl, which I then covered in foil.



Walk the plank matey!

Walk the plank matey!

Happy early Halloween!

Important Note:  Sabrina is NOT *just* cotton candy.   She’s a cotton candy PRINCESS.  Obviously.  😉


Trying out a new look…

What do you think?

No, really?  Do you think it’s too much?

It’s obviously for a special occasion, but I do hope it’s obvious that the special occasion is Halloween.  Does it give away what my costume will be?

For those who I haven’t told, what do you think my costume will be?

And last but not least, should I go to work like this on Monday?  😉

Shoeper Challenges #43-45

Here are the 3 pairs of shoes I justified in August 2011, as part of Shoeperwoman’s shoe challenge.


#43 is my bright blue pair of Franco Sarto slides.

#44 is my pair of flesh-tone Vivienne Westwood/Melissa slingbacks.

#45 is another pair of Franco Sarto slides, but with a cone heel instead of a block heel.

Shoeper Challenge #42 (July 30 – Hot Kiss)

These shoes are one of my new favorites.  Adorable AND super-comfortable, so they get their own post.  I wore these out to dinner @ Paul Wahlberg’s restaurant, Alma Nove, on July 30  with a group of good friends.  If you haven’t been here, I would highly recommend it.  The food was extraordinary (I confess I still daydream a little about the pork meatball & polenta appetizer and lobster mashed potatoes), and it was an awesome night out in the Hingham Shipyard, and a perfect excuse to justify another pair of shoes in Shoeperwoman’s shoe challenge.


Shoeper Challenges #38-41 (July 2011)

Um, you might remember I’m trying to justify my ownership of approx. 60 pairs of shoes by wearing them ALL within 1 year, and posting a picture of me wearing each pair on my blog as part of Shoeperwoman’s Shoe Challenge.  Ring a bell for anyone?

Well, as you’ve probably guessed by now, the last few months have found me waaaaaaay behind in keeping up with this blog.  I haven’t fallen too far behind though in the actual wearing of my shoes.  I’ve even managed to snap pictures of several pairs, but never got around to blogging them.  So, I’m going to play catch-up now.  Again.  I’m just full of surprises (among other things).  😉

In the interest of efficiency though, I’m not going to make separate posts for EVERY pair I’ve saved since I showed you save #37 back on July 19.  So here are 4 more pairs I saved on July 20, 22, 27 & 29.

Shoeper Challenge #38 is my red Naturalizer slides.  I remember this was a day I took my dad to one of his last oncology appts.  😦

#39 is my slightly notorious pair of LizFlex “button” slides.  I still miss my tan pair.

#40 is my only pair of white sandals, also by Naturalizer.

#41 is another pair of basic black low heel slides, also Naturalizer.