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The circle of life

So we’re off to a rough start with this blog.  That’s due in large part to the fact that we have been without internet at home for most of this week.  In fact right now we’re without internet, phone service or cable and have been for a couple of days.  I put the call in to Comcast about it Monday night when we realized everything had quit on us (after a weekend of things sporadically coming and going).  The best they could do was set us up for the first appointment Tuesday morning, which of course is anywhere from 8:00 to noon.  

The wheel turns.

Karen wasn’t feeling well anyway so she stayed home to let the cable guy in.  He shows up and tells her we’ve got power surges coming in and that he can fix the melted, yes literally melted, connections outside but can’t reattach the cable until the electric company checks their equipment.

The wheel turns again.

The electric company sends someone out Tuesday afternoon who checks the lines, replaces some stuff and says he’s got everything set on his side of the meter and doesn’t pick up any voltage in the cable line, so we should be OK.  However since he doesn’t work for Comcast he can’t screw the cable back in.  Comcast man has to do that.  Although we are still without phone service, Comcast can’t get anyone back to us until after 2:00pm Wednesday.

Anyone getting dizzy?

Comcast also informed us that if there’s still too much voltage coming through the line we’ll need to call in an electrician to check our house for the source of the problem, fix that, then call them back a third time to screw back in the cable.  If this happens I may throw up.

On the upside, the kid-less dinner Karen and I had last Saturday was a lot of fun.  It seems like it was six weeks ago, but still we had a good time with some new-ish friends.  Sunday’s beach day was also fun but made me realize that Rhode Island is not nearly as close as it looks on a map.  Everyone loved the waves, Roni rode her boogie board and Sabrina even managed to nap at the Zercie’s vacation cottage.  Roni also found starfish, an assortment of crabs and seventeen million sea snails on a rocky beach with her buddy Joey.  Once Karen gets her  camera downloaded I’ll see if I can figure out how to put a couple of photos up on this thing.


Off and running

OK, here we go.  The first post on a blog that will chronicle the ups, downs, insights, developments and overall comings and goings of the Bell family of Randolph, MA.  We have no real idea how to work this thing so in the immortal words of The Gin Blossoms “Don’t expect too much from me and you might not be let down.”

It’s Friday night as I type this, which for most people is a night to relax, kick back from the work week and have some fun.  For us it is pretty much the same as Sunday through Thursday.  Dinner, kids brush and get pajamas, read some stories, they go to sleep and Karen and I sit in the living room listening to the Sox and surfing the net.  We’re exciting people.  It’s OK to be jealous.

Tomorrow night is actually going to be our big night.  The girls are going to grandma and grandpa’s for a sleep over and the wife and I are going out with friends for dinner and drinks.  This is very exciting for me, not so much because I love going out to dinner or drinking, but more because I’m expecting neither Karen nor I will have to tell anyone at the table tomorrow to stop putting their fingers in their milk or that we don’t talk about poop at the table.  Good luck with that grandma.

Sunday promises to be another pretty fun time as we’re picking the kids up from the grands’ house in the morning on our way to Rhode Island to spend the day at the beach with Karen’s best friend and her family.  They are there on vacation for the week and have two kids very close in age to our little angels, so I’m expecting a day chock full of begging to build a sand castle, begging for juice boxes, begging for ice cream, begging not to leave the beach for lunch, begging to go back after lunch and begging to stay when it’s time to come home.  If this exact scenario plays out with no additional drama, it will be considered a well behaved day at the beach.

Come to think of it, maybe we should save our drinking for Sunday.