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Despicable Me! (again)

So, I got out of work early yesterday, and Jim had to work late.  It was hot as heck out.  Again.  So, my brilliant idea of the day yesterday was to pick up the kids and head straight to the movies for the matinee of Despicable Me!  The timing was perfect. 

We had just enough time for a quick stop @ home for the dog, which gave me just enough time to change out of my jeans so I wouldn’t actually melt into them (did I mention it was HOT?!?), and get the girls to the theater, with just enough time to buy tickets, get them to use the bathroom BEFORE the movie (my accomplishment of the day!), and buy kids packs, and get them seated during the previews.  Slight glitch in the plan that Sabrina didn’t want to sit in her seat, she wanted to sit on me (not surprising though), but she wanted to come with me to get MY popcorn & soda.  So, I had to carefully balance her kids pack, go get my refreshments, then juggle those while I got her in my lap so that I could still see the movie too.

Then, it was good times.  Hilarious movie.  Happy children.  Happy mama.  And Minions.  Man, were they adorable.  Kind of like the little aliens from Toy Story, only with more variation between them (some have one eye, some have 2, etc.), and they all had their own names, which was fascinating to Veronica.  I totally want to have this movie when it’s out on DVD.

Anyway, the evening took a slight downhill turn when I made a quick stop what I thought would be a quick stop at Sears to order Veronica’s pictures from Wednesday night.  In the end, NOT a quick stop at all.  There was only one employee working the photo area, and she was busy for half the time I was there dealing with an irate customer while I patiently waited, and sympathized with her.  Then she got me set up, I did my thing, and she couldn’t figure out how to ring me in correctly between processing my coupons (which she was kind enough to look up for me b/c I shamelessly name-dropped her manager’s name, and her district manager’s name), and processing the weekday BOGO promotion (the reason I scheduled the pictures for Wednesday night to begin with — I mean, I know I’m not perfect, but I’m also not COMPLETELY insane!).  After an hour, and ringing in my order in 2 separate batches, we finally left there @ 8:00.

Thankfully, Jim got out of work too late to catch the movie, but not so late that he went home and had dinner ready for the kids when we walked in, so they could eat something at least arguably nutritious (frozen veggie pizza) before bed.  I mean, I’m not glad he missed the movie, but I had called him to ask if he could get out early to join us.  I’m just glad he was able to get home & have dinner ready for them.


Mmmm… Lobster lunch!

Mmmm… Lobster lunch!

I hate Mondays.

I even hate Tuesdays that feel like Mondays because I had a lovely day-off Monday.  I especially hate Mondays where the weather is anything less than a perfect dry, sunny 72 degrees.  Like today, I seriously thought I was going to become one with the pavement between the train and my office.  I made it, but I already feel like I need another shower.  Lovely, right?

I also especially hate Tuesdays-that-feel-like-Mondays when I forget my work badge at home because I never attached it to my work bag on Friday afternoon.  Or at any other point in the 3-day weekend.  Leaving me to check in at the security desk, thank my lucky stars I didn’t forget my wallet b/c you have to show photo ID now, and borrow an access badge so that I can freely come & go within my office.  Luckily, one was available, but on a laniard-type nylon chain that I refuse to wear.

I know I’m not actually cool, but there are a few un-cool lines I will not cross.  Wearing an ID badge like a necklace is one of them.  I prefer actual necklaces, thank you very much.  Today, I’m wearing a beautiful silver & turqoise one that I got for Mother’s Day from my favorite store in the whole wide world (Francesca’s collections –  MUCH nicer than a silly ID-tag rope, right? 

Breakfast at IHOP

So, before our 4th of July festivities begin, we went to IHOP for breakfast.  Right away, the kids were excited, not just because they got to choose the restaurant, but because when we got there, there were Despicable Me! signs in the window.  I took a picture of Roni posing by one, but anyone who knows me, knows how slow I am to download pictures, so I can’t show you that yet.

Then, inside, there are little Minions (from the movie) everywhere, including on the menus.  So, the kids got CinnaMinions (cinnamon-sugar mini-donuts with frosting & sprinkles), Minionade (strawberry lemonade, with — you guessed it! — sprinkles on top), and I got the best thing on the Minion Menu.  I forget what it was called, but it was the best (and simultaneously most disgusting) breakfast idea EVER — Tater Tots with nacho fixins!  Cheese, sour cream, chopped tomatoes, and jalapenos that I skipped (because I’m a spicy food sissy).

Roni also had an early idea for her Christmas Wish List — she saw that there is (or will be) a Despicable Me! Nintendo DS video game.  She will DIE if she doesn’t get it.  <insert eyeroll here>

After that, we went grocery shopping, and then I washed my car.  To be nice, I even rinsed Jim’s car and washed his windshields.  ♥

Now, we’re sitting around waiting for the guy whose coming to fix our tempermental water heater.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.