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Promises, Promises…

Ramona and Beezus

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I have to admit – I was starting to sweat this one a little.  Over the summer, Veronica wanted to see Ramona & Beezus (the movie).  So, I made a promise.  I promised her if she read the book first, I’d take her to see the movie.  So, she read the book, dutifully put it on her summer reading list, and even used it for her summer reading homework assignment.  While she stayed with Auntie Joyce for 4 days, they made a diorama together featuring a scene from Beezus & Ramona (the book).

Please don’t ask me why the book is called Beezus & Ramona, but the movie is called Ramona & Beezus.  I just don’t know.

Back to my point, I had promised that after she read the book, I’d take her to see the movie.  Only my life is usually pretty hectic, and as I age, movies come & go from theaters a lot faster than I remember from before I had kids.  So, when I had a chance to take her a few weeks ago, the movie was already gone from most theaters.  At least the ones near me.

So, I kicked into “let’s hope she forgets about this particular promise” mode.  Which is not usually successful, but it couldn’t hurt to try.  When I went to the beach on Monday with Andrea, I mentioned the promise, and the hopefulness that Veronica would forget about the promise.  A few days later, Andrea completely saved me.  She texted me that Ramona & Beezus is playing at the Mendon Drive-In this weekend.  Hooray!  Having already made plans for Saturday night, I immediately planned to take her on Friday night.

I get home from picking up the girls from school around 6:00, and Jim got home around 6:30.  Roni & I were off by 7:15, and I still hadn’t told her where we were going.  On the way there, I gave her the clue that I was fulfilling a promise I had made over the summer.  She still had no idea.  She was so happy when we got there, she even ate her snack-bar-pizza dinner without complaint (a huge victory in my world)!

For actual snacks, I got her a small popcorn (she didn’t want to share a large), and a pink Gatorade (she hates soda, but she loves Gatorade — go figure!).  I indulged myself with an order of beef nachos for dinner, and we both enjoyed the movie.  Roni even loved the old-fashioned intermission show, which is almost exactly the same as the one they show in the drive-in scene in Grease.  Classic!  She was even happier when I opened the roof, and let her stand on the seat to stick her head out.  Goofball.

The 2nd movie was Eat. Pray. Love.  Which I had no interest in seeing, but I figured I’d stay for it since I’d already paid for it.  About 45 min. into it, Roni was fast asleep, and I was completely disinterested, so I left without seeing the rest.

I was also glad we squeezed in our requisite visit to the drive-in, which we try to do at least once every summer, but we hadn’t done yet this year.  Overall, this was probably one of the best “Mommy-and-Veronica-nights-of-fun” we’ll have all year.  It’s incredible to me still how sweet she can be when she’s having a good time.  ♥