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2nd Grade Math

Just a quick update on the subject of things Veronica needs to bring to her first day of 2nd grade next week.  Still unable to locate the notorious Math Packet online, I called the school, and lucked out that Veronica’s teacher was in the building, setting up the classroom.  So, I was able to ask her directly where online (or in brick & mortar) I might be able to get one.

She thought it was online, but didn’t have access to a computer to check, but I lucked out again that the K-6 Math Coach was also in the building today, and she was able to e-mail me a copy.  Hooray!  I’ve never been so happy to see homework in my life.  😉

It’s 11 pages, but only 2-3 questions on each page, so it should be a breeze for Smarty Pants Roni to complete by Tues. Aug. 31.

*Here’s the original post about the notorious Math Packet, in case you missed it the first time around:


You’d think she was accepted into Harvard!

Harvard Church

Image by Chaval Brasil via Flickr

She did receive an acceptance letter of sorts today.  She got a letter from her teacher for the 2010-2011 school year, welcoming her to second grade.  She was unbelievably excited about this.  She even finished her dinner at a normal human pace in order to get her hands on it.  I had read it to her, but she wanted to touch it, hold it, and read it for herself.  She then squealed her new teacher’s name.  Repeatedly.  Goofball!

I’m glad she’s excited about school, and it sounds like she’s getting a good teacher, to the extent you can judge that kind of thing from a “Welcome to 2nd Grade” letter. 

I am NOT excited about the statement that there’s a Summer Math Packet.  We’re all set for Summer Reading, but I knew NOTHING about a Summer Math Packet until this evening.  I knew she had one last year, which I got from the school’s website, since she hadn’t attended Kindergarten there, so I went fishing around looking for the 1st Grade Summer Reading requirements.  I’m especially unhappy to learn that there’s a Summer Math Packet because knowing they had one for 1st Grade, I went online again a few days ago looking specifically for a 2nd Grade Summer Math Packet.  I found the 2nd Grade Summer Reading requirement online (which I already had), but there was NOTHING online about Summer Math.

There was also nothing in the materials she brought home at the end of 1st Grade about a Summer Math Packet this year.  Lovely.

So now I’m going to have to call the school and ask how (or where) I can get a copy of the nefarious Summer Math Packet.  Ggggrrrrr!

If you’re interested, here’s the text of the letter:

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