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Photo Every Day – Day 4 (Mar. 24, 2013)

IMG_2250 (playdate)

Yesterday, I brought my girls, plus two friends (Marie and Madelyn) to see The Croods.  We all enjoyed the movie.  And when we got home, the girls had a good time playing & being silly in the yard in beautiful early spring 50-degree weather.  I like how this shot captures their silly happiness.  Girls rule!


Shoeper Shoe Challenge Catch-up (aka Challenges #32-33-34-35-36 of 60)

So, I’ve been on a little bit of a shoe-saving kick in Shoeperwoman‘s Shoe Challenge.  I’ve saved 5 pairs since I last posted.  To justify my delay, I was out of state for the Fourth of July week for vacation without my laptop.  And I lived to tell the tale.  Incredible, right?

We had a great time in York, Maine, going to the beach almost every day, so I spent most of the week in beach flip-flops, which don’t count for shoe-saving purposes.  But I did bring one cute pair of flat sandals (Payless) for walking around York’s Wild Animal Kingdom and shoe challenge number 32.  The double-ankle buckles are a hassle sometimes, but I like them enough that I don’t mind.

Last week, it was back to work as usual (mostly), with Wednesday off to bring my dad to the cancer center for his weekly appointment, and I managed to save four more pairs.

33.  Roni spent the week with Auntie Joyce though, just like last summer, and Auntie Kariann took Sabrina Monday night & Tuesday night to go with Joyce & Roni up to northern New Hampshire for a trip to Santa’s village.  So Jim & I even managed a week-night date on Tuesday for me to save my leopard-print “Vegas” wedges (Naughty Monkey).  We saw Horrible Bosses, which we both thought was hilarious, after dinner outside at The Cheesecake Factory.

34.  These are super-comfortable, I think the brand is LifeStride.  I got them on a shopping day last summer with Andrea.  This outfit with the lightweight turquoise skirt is what I wore to my dad’s appointment.  He’s more winded lately than he had been for the last several months, but he re-gained 4 more of the 40-ish pounds he had lost, so that was exciting news.  He’s still eating pretty normal too, which makes me happy.

35.  Thursday, I went with a basic LBD, but I stepped out @ lunch to donate blood, so I had a stranger take a picture of me by this funky sculpture, just for a change of scenery from my back porch.  I only realized later that the grass obscures your view of my purple low-wedge slingbacks.  If I had to pick a pair of shoes that would be my signature, it would be these.  I love them, and don’t know anyone else (in real life, at least) who owns & wears purple shoes.  At least not anyone over the age of 8.  Roni & Brie probably have friends who wear purple shoes, but it’s not really the same, is it?  I can wear these with so much more than plain black, but haven’t had a chance to photograph them until this outfit.  They’re by Etienne Aigner.

Because you can’t see much of the shoes here, I took another picture on my parents’ back porch so you can see them better.  You’re welcome.  😉

36.  To close out the week, on Saturday, I brought the girls to swimming lessons, then went to a friend’s birthday party, then to Auntie Joyce’s for family dinner.  So I wore my black cork flip-flops, that I think are pretty, but still comfortable.  These are also from Payless, and I’ve had them for longer than you’d expect Payless shoes to last.  I’ll be sad when they break and I have to throw them out, because they’re a summer staple for me.

And there you have it.  Now I’m all caught up on my shoes, and you’re caught up on the highlights of my past two weeks.  And of course, while the girls were away, everyone involved said they behaved like perfect little angels.  And they’re always sweet little things all happy to see us when they first get home, but within 24 hours, they’re right back to bickering, and their usual whining and non-listening, which forces me to re-adjust fast to “mommy mode.”  You would think I would learn to expect it by now, but I’m a total sucker.  Every time people tell me how well they behave, and how nice they are to each other, I foolishly expect it to last longer than it does.  Ugh!  I really just hope it carries forward to the day they both move out of my house, that they’ll get along and treat others (and each other) with kindness when it counts.  Out in the “real world” as adults.  I’ve got about 14 + years before we get to see how that works out though.  Stay tuned…

The Choke Hold

Beachroad pigeon

Image by Pandiyan via Flickr

So, after bath-time, and a rousing version of The Pigeon Finds A Hot Dog (by Mo Willems), which coincidentally, is impossible to read aloud without laughing, I tucked my sweet darling daughters into bed for the night a few minutes ago.  As usual, the minute I tell them “Good night,  I love you,” is the minute they transform into snuggle-headed ninny-muggins, a lesser known derivative of cotton-headed ninny-muggins*.

Anyway, it’s a good thing Sabrina thinks a minute is 1 second instead of 60, because she asked me to snuggle her for 6 extra minutes.  Teasingly, I told her “no, maybe I’ll snuggle you for 7 minutes.”  Then, she said “8 minutes,” to which I responded “maybe I’ll stay for 10 minutes.”  From there, she went whole hog, and asked me to stay for “100 minutes.” and I heartily agreed, knowing that as long as I counted to 100 (seconds), she’d be appeased.

It’s been a challenge getting her to actually STAY in bed after bedtime, so I’m doing this with an ulterior motive, but that doesn’t make it wrong, right?

Anyway, not to be out-snuggled, Roni asked if I’d snuggle HER for the next song on their lullaby CD that we play every night, which really would have added about 7 minutes to the whole routine, so I told her no, but that I’d stay for the rest of the first song.  She agreed, and I layed on her bed with her until the song ended.  When I lifted up my head to go, she tightened her grip on me, right around the neck.  It was just so cute I had to laugh and lay down again.  This was repeated 5 or 6 times, until Sabrina opened her eyes, and asked “WHAT are you laughing about, Mommy?” — as if Roni had told me some great joke, and she didn’t want to miss it. 

It was just one of those perfect moments where everyone was calm & happy, and my heart just swelled.  Eventually I had to break the choke hold by telling Roni I was going to laugh so hard, I’d pee in her bed if she didn’t let me go.  So I made a cursory stop in the bathroom so I wouldn’t be caught in a lie, and then I headed downstairs, without any whining or begging. 

Hallelujah, and sweet dreams to all!  🙂

*Bonus points for anyone who can tell me what movie contains cotton-headed ninny-muggins, without using Google, an iPhone, or any other web-assisted search or device.**

**Bonus points are not redeemable for cash or any other prize of any legal value, other than bragging rights that you know about cotton-headed ninny-muggins.

30-for-30 Day 21


30-for-30 items:  Black cashmere turtleneck, tan dress pants, & red high-heel mary janes.

Accessories:  Red Mickey Mouse watch, red & gold beaded necklace (hand-made by Auntie Joyce).

Notes:  Andrea & I met up today to take ALL the kids to the Nutcracker in Duxbury today.  Sabrina saw the Dr. this morning, and indeed has both ears infected, and the right eardrum had ruptured, but the Dr. who saw her prescribed Zithromax, and she was able to take her first dose before we had to leave for the show.  So that was a relief.  All 4 kids really liked the show, and sat so quietly to watch.  It was very sweet.

My kids also got a kick out of riding to & from the show in Andrea’s minivan, since she has a TV in the back for them to watch, so they were even all good in the car.  Plus they all had chocolate lollipops for the ride home.  Sweet!

30 for 30 day 19 @ Tangled

30-for-30 items:  Brown boatneck sweater, boot-cut Levi’s, Bling-y cowboy boots

Accessories:  Brown rhinestone watch, shades-of-blue multi-strand necklace (from Francesca’s – one of my very favorites!), and 3-D glasses because we were at the movie theatre to see Tangled, which was pretty cute.  I was also impressed they even had kid-sized 3-D glasses, so the girls are in the picture with me today.  Kind of like Men In Black with the glasses on all of us, only we’re girls.  And we’re not wearing all black.  Or fighting aliens trying to take over earth or anything like that.  So not very much like Men in Black at all.  Except for the glasses.  😉

Random Thoughts…

The Great Mall of China

Image by andystoll via Flickr

Not with Jack Handy, but with yours truly…

*It’s not even October, and I’ve already heard way more about Christmas than is appropriate for open-toe shoe weather.  Seriously.  It’s bad enough people get all Christmas-y before Thanksgiving, but now they’re not even waiting until after Halloween?  The Christmas “season” is stressful enough when it lasts for the month bet. Thanksgiving & Christmas, but when it starts in mid-September, I’m doomed.  Before I die, I bet I’ll live to see the day malls start decorating for Christmas after Fourth of July, maybe even Easter!  Ugh!  😦

*Isn’t it funny how songs can hold such strong associations?  I heard Barenaked Ladies’ “If I had a Million Dollars” this morning, and it brought me right back to my honeymoon in 1998.  That song was all over the radio at the time, and so we must have heard it a million times in that week.  So now, every time I hear it, I think of our honeymoon.  Ahhh, those sweet days of nothing but free time before we had jobs & children.  ♥

*Also, if I actually HAD a million dollars, I would totally retire.  Today.  Work is just annoying & stressful.  I’m convinced I was meant to be a trust-fund baby, and there must have been some kind of mix-up.

*I started a new book.  When I last updated my reading list, I think it ended with Stieg Larsson’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”  That one took me a while to get through.  It’s 600 pages, and the first half is almost painfully slow, and very confusing to keep all the characters straight.  The two main characters don’t even meet until around page 300.  It flies from there though, and I’m convinced now that all that slow introduction was necessary for the remainder of the trilogy.  I started the 2nd book in the series late last week, “The Girl Who Played with Fire,” and it’s moving much more quickly.  I’m already about half-way through it, and will probably finish it and start the 3rd book (“The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest“) next week, since I heard today that book 2 cuts off sharply at the end, and I’ll need to start book 3 right away.

*Veronica starts skating & dance lessons for the year on Saturday.  She’s got new skates, new dance gear, and is ready to go!  We decided to wait another year before Sabrina starts dance.  She’s also not allowed to start skating (club rules) until she’s 4.  I’m sure she’ll be jealous.

*Lucy goes to the Vet saturday to see if her stitches are ready to come out.  She seems to be recovering from the biopsy nicely, and the drugs seem to be helping her pain.  I can only pray that the Prednisone will actually cure it.  ♥

*So, that’s what’s on my mind.  What’s on yours?

I’ll be nominated for Mother of the Year

I’ll be nominated for Mother of the Year any day now…