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As promised

Here’s a few pictures from Roni’s exploration expedition during our trip to the beach in Rhode Island with the Zercies.

Roni and Joey creature hunting

Roni and Joey creature hunting

Finding starfish

Finding starfish


As I mentioned in a previous post, we get angry when the fun has to end.



OK, so maybe the big gaps between posts has more to do with me being worn out at the end of the day and choosing to veg out than it does with my internet being down.  Don’t judge me.

This has been an eventful few weeks for us Bells with several firsts coming our way.  Of course Veronica had her first day of first grade, which I think counts as a double first and therefore scores her the most points which is why her news comes…wait for it… first.  It has now been a few weeks and overall it is a marvelous success.  No crying, no nerves (on her part, I was pretty shaken on her first day) no wanting her old school or anything.  I believe it’s her innate need to be a show off that is causing this.  She’s so eager to show that she already knows a lot of what they’re doing that she can’t wait to get to school every day.  We’ve gone to the school open house and her teacher has pretty much confirmed it.

Another first that goes hand in hand with Roni’s school are the first separation issues for Sabrina at day care.  Every day since Roni has changed schools Sabrina has had to be bribed into going with her teachers with books about Dora the Explorer.  Until these come out she’s a clinging, tearful mess that just repeats “I want you, I want you, I want you” over and over.  It’s a little heart wrenching to say the least.  I’m hoping it will pass quickly.

My personal first happened two weekends ago when I bought my first brand new computer all for myself.  It is a Mac which ensures that half the world already hates it, including Karen, but that is secretly one of the things I like about it.  I feel like I’m privy to a secret other people don’t know about.  Macs are fantastic once you’re used to how they work and I’m very pleased with it.  Although I will admit the first week was frustrating as I had to figure out how to migrate all my data from my old computer to my new one.  Word of advice to anyone buying a Mac, pay the $100 and have them do all that crap for you.

Karen is the only one in our family that did not have a significant first in the last few weeks.  Perhaps she’ll post her first blog entry and keep the streak going.  Or she could try something else.  Here’s a helpful list of things she could do that would be firsts for her:

  • mow the lawn at our house
  • get a gold tooth
  • go to a restaurant that serves lobster and order something else
  • ride in a hot air balloon
  • sing karaoke
  • vote democrat