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Roni & Faridah had a great first day!

Roni & Faridah had a great first day!


Roni met Mrs. Smith

Roni met Mrs. Smith

Almost time…

Almost time…

On her way!

On her way!

31 August, 2010 06:47

2nd grade, here I come!

– Jim

1st Day of School

Oreo Truffle Martini

Last year around this time, Veronica made the leap from preschool to elementary school.  She had been at her preschool from when she was an infant all the way through Kindergarten.  So, it was a big milestone for her to start her new school.  Especially since it was entering 1st grade, not K.  I figured a lot of the kids in her class might already know each other if they attended K there.  I also figured such it was such a special milestone, I’d take the day off work, bring Roni to school to find & meet her new teacher, and pick her up right when school let out, and let her start “before & after-school care” the next day.

This was not the best idea I’ve ever had.

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The 2nd cake I made on Sunday…

Today is a sad day @ Sabrina’s KinderCare (formerly Mulberry daycare/preschool).  One of the directors is leaving.  Today’s her last day.  She left once before, and I was THRILLED when she came back.  I think Veronica was pretty happy about it too.  That was back when she was a teacher in the toddler class.  Back when Veronica was a toddler, so about 5 years ago, and we’ve probably known her for 6.  She’s the one who first called Roni a little “Roni Roo,” and we still call her that sometimes even now that she’s 7, and certainly will be mortified by it soon.

She’s had a hand in teaching both my kids to cook, and has provided more wonderful memories for them than I could possibly count or re-tell.

I was so surprised to hear that she was leaving that I asked one of the other teachers what they had planned to wish her well, figuring I couldn’t possibly arrange a “thank you & best wishes” gesture from all the parents, but if the teachers were getting flowers or something, I didn’t want to duplicate that.  When that teacher told me they were all chipping in for a cake & things, I immediately volunteered to save them the expense of a cake.  As I mentioned last week, I love to bake.  I especially love to bake cake.  I’m no professional decorator, but I think I do OK, and I was happy to be able to show this director how much she’ll be missed.

I wish I’d thought to do it for other beloved staff who’ve left over time.  I won’t name names, but I think those amazing women know who they are.  I think truly talented daycare/school professionals have one of the hardest and most undervalued jobs in the world, and I know I could never do their job, so I’m especially grateful to those who do it so well, and make it look easy in the process.

So with that, I hope the new Program Administrator/Asst. Director knows what big shoes she has to fill, and I wish only the best for the one who’s leaving.

Even if I do secretly hope she’ll come back again.  😉