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Photo Every Day (Easter Sunday) #11 (Mar. 31)


Sabrina’s haul at the annual Easter Egg hunt.  Eggs full of candy & tiny toys.  And her dress would have been a handy transportation tool, if the eggs hadn’t kept falling out.  She had a great time though, and it was a pretty beautiful Easter Sunday for all of us.


Photo Every Day #10 (Mar. 30)

IMG_2334Happy Easter Cake.  With bunny Peeps (yum!) and dark chocolate pastel m&m’s (double yum!).  Chocolate cake inside, and vanilla frosting.  I made the cake & frosting, and the chicklets helped place the candy for decoration.  I’m almost tempted to skip the ham and go straight to dessert this year.  😉

Prettier than a parking lot puddle too.  Don’t you think so?

Photo Every Day #9 (Mar. 29)


Today we decorated some Easter cookies since the girls had no school.  Their usual all-day backup care was closed today too.  So I took the day off to stay home with them.  I don’t remember what Roni said that was so funny, but I promise she’s laughing here, not crying.  And Brie just had to cover her eyes.  It was THAT funny.  At the time, it was, anyway.  The main thing is that they had a fun time “painting” the cookies to bring to Easter brunch on Sunday.

Photo Every Day #8 (Mar. 28)


This is a stairwell at my train station. Can you tell if I took the picture looking up at the stairs or down them?

Photo Every Day #7 (Mar. 27)


For your photography enjoyment today, here is a puddle.  In a parking garage.  With a drip from above.  I love the concentric ripples of water and the reflections of light on the water & pavement.

It was either this or a rusty old payphone.  I couldn’t decide which one to use for this day, so I let Veronica choose.

Photo Every Day #6 (Mar. 26)


Here’s my blurry little princess at the dinner table.

Photo Every Day – Day 5 (today)


So, you might have thought I’d be posting a picture of my kids every day.  Well, if so, you’d be wrong.  Some days I’m going to post pictures of dead winter trees and sad (if reflective) early spring mucked up streams at my train station.  I liked the symmetry of the reflection of the tree in the sad stream.  So I’m sharing it with you.  I hope the spring scenery gets more cheerful soon.  Maybe when the crocuses bloom?  Only time will tell…