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Cheating on my Saturday WI

Long lake fog

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Happy Saturday friends!  ♥

As you have probably come to expect, it’s time for my weekly WI, but I’m totally cheating this week.  You may ask yourself, “Cheating?  What does she mean cheating?  She’s been doing so WELL!  Why would she cheat now?”  Or not, I don’t know.

But, if you find yourself asking anything like that, rest assured.  I’m only cheating a little.  I’m not even cheating on my weight-loss plan.  I’m just cheating on the rule that I weigh in weekly on Saturday.  And there’s a good reason for it.  As you read this message, assuming it’s still Saturday, I’m in Maine.  Camping.  In the middle of the woods Bridgton, on Long Lake.  I probably smell like campfire smoke, and I’m probably having a great time scaring my in-laws camp neighbors by exposing my pale, overweight self in a swimsuit.  <insert self-depracating evil cackle here>  Seriously, I’m probably sitting on the beach reading a book, or splashing around in the lake with my adorable (and hopefully well-behaved) children, not worrying at all what other people think of me because I’m too busy having a good time.

So, down to business.  I weighed myself on Friday instead, since there’s no scales @ camp.  At least I don’t think there are.  And, the news is good.  I’ve lost another 2 pounds!!!  This brings me to 7.5 lb. total lost so far, with 46.5 lb. to go.  🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday, and watch for camp pictures, which I’ll send from my phone as soon as I have a signal.

*p.s.  If you know where I live, please don’t take the knowledge that I’m in Maine as an invitation to rob my house.  I promise there’s not much there worth taking (I keep most of the pretty shoes @ work anyway), and it will only piss me off.  😉