Am I half-way to my weight goal?  Am I half-insane?  Was I half insane before, and now I’ve gone the other half?

No, none of these things are why I’m writing (although, I might be half insane — most days it would be a fair assessment of my mental state).

I’m writing because it’s time for my weekly WI, and I’ve lost half a pound.  I even exercised 3 times this week.  2 of those were fairly intense.  The third was light, but I still expected a little better result at the scale.  I’ll take it, but the slow-ness is incredibly frustrating.

New total:  18.5 lb. lost, 35.5 lb. to go.

Going to Vegas next week probably won’t help either.  I’m debating whether to bring my sneakers and try to sneak (no pun intended, I promise!) in a few workouts or not.  I’m hoping to be too busy gambling to overeat, and who knows, maybe I’ll win enough money to hire a personal chef & trainer when I come home.

Hey – a girl can dream, right?


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