Photo Every Day #26 (April 15) Marathon Monday

What an awful day this turned out to be for America, especially my beloved city of Boston. The horror at the Boston Marathon finish line makes me sick to my stomach, and sick in my heart. A good friend of mine was there with her family, cheering on her husband, who thankfully was lightning fast, and had finished long before the explosions. When I heard what had happened, I was SO relieved to check in with her and hear that their family was safely far from that area in a local hotel.

I continue to pray for all the families affected, especially for those who lost a loved one in such a terrible way. I am a beginner and amateur runner myself, but I will continue to run and keep those people in my thoughts when I do. Having walked the Boston Marathon in the past to raise money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, I will continue to do so, and I will keep those families in my heart as I cross that finish line again, year after year. I will not let this act of terror (whether or not law enforcement classifies it as such or not) stop me from pursuing any of those freedoms.

I debated whether to post a photo for this day or not, but in the spirit of celebrating life, I decided I should. I spent that day at home with my kids, mainly running errands, and helping Roni make her penant for her first skating show as a full Commonwealth Figure Skating Club member. She’s excited to be more involved in the show (she’ll be in 3 numbers this year, including one with me – eek!), and she’s excited to have this penant be displayed in the rink that day.


So if this moment becomes one of those “Where were you when…?” moments, I’m glad I also got to experience joy on this day, and not ONLY sadness and dismay. For that reason, I’m going to share 2 photos today. The 2nd is after we heard the news of what had happened at the Marathon, and to keep them occupied, after dinner, I brought the kids outside to make Pine Cone bird feeders. They loved it!


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