Shoeper Challenges #52, 53, and 54

These pictures were taken Jan. 25, 26, and 31.  Since it’s Superbowl Sunday, I’m sure nobody cares about my shoes (even if they might on other days), but when I start something, I get all perfectionist and almost always finish it.  So aren’t you glad there’s only a few more pairs left?

I also realized all 3 of these outfits include at least one thing I got for Christmas!  🙂

Here I am on Jan. 25 in my leopard flats, which are one of my favorite pairs, so I can hardly believe it took me this long to wear & photograph them.  The blazer in this one was a Christmas gift.


Here I am in head-to-to gray on Jan. 26.  These shoes were a Christmas gift, and go perfectly with these charcoal tweed-ish textured pants.

Last, but not least, is another one of my favorite pairs.  These are actually my 2nd pair of Aerosoles “high stride” boots, because I loved the first pair into the ground.  I went all black & white with these, and met 4 separate work deadlines this day, Jan. 31.  Crazy times, and February’s looking just as crazy.  In this one, the skirt was the Christmas gift.

So there you have it.  Merry Christmas and Happy Superbowl Sunday!

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