Shoeper Challenges #38-41 (July 2011)

Um, you might remember I’m trying to justify my ownership of approx. 60 pairs of shoes by wearing them ALL within 1 year, and posting a picture of me wearing each pair on my blog as part of Shoeperwoman’s Shoe Challenge.  Ring a bell for anyone?

Well, as you’ve probably guessed by now, the last few months have found me waaaaaaay behind in keeping up with this blog.  I haven’t fallen too far behind though in the actual wearing of my shoes.  I’ve even managed to snap pictures of several pairs, but never got around to blogging them.  So, I’m going to play catch-up now.  Again.  I’m just full of surprises (among other things).  😉

In the interest of efficiency though, I’m not going to make separate posts for EVERY pair I’ve saved since I showed you save #37 back on July 19.  So here are 4 more pairs I saved on July 20, 22, 27 & 29.

Shoeper Challenge #38 is my red Naturalizer slides.  I remember this was a day I took my dad to one of his last oncology appts.  😦

#39 is my slightly notorious pair of LizFlex “button” slides.  I still miss my tan pair.

#40 is my only pair of white sandals, also by Naturalizer.

#41 is another pair of basic black low heel slides, also Naturalizer.


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