Making a bathroom is HARD work

And here are some photos of our bathroom remodeling project at various stages of completion to prove it.  The most horrifying pictures show the damage that had been done behind the old insulation on one of the exterior walls, which we obviously had replaced before we proceeded with fresh insulation & drywall.

For the record, we did most of this work ourselves, but we did hire a professional for the electrical & plumbing work.  And ultimately, the rebuilding of the damaged exterior wall & replacement window installation.  We also had a load of help & guidance from Jim’s sister Kariann and her husband Doug, who have much more experience with this kind of project than we do, and I’m not sure how we’ll repay them, but I have a feeling baked goods will be part of the equation.

So for your perusal, here are the “during” pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For what it’s worth, these pictures span from June 24 through Aug. 28, 2011.  Not exactly as speedy as we would have liked, but most of the work was done on weekends, with a few work/weeknights thrown in for good measure.

What do YOU think?

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