Did you know I have Moonlit Eyes?

She also seems to think that I have red hair.  And that I’m less stinky than eggs.  What a relief!   LOL

I hope all of you reading my little corner of the internet here had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Mine was very nice, only dampened by the fact that we had to visit my dad in the hospital, and he obviously couldn’t join us for dinner out. I’d also like to share this photograph of the gift Veronica made for me. She’s been learning about “acrostic” (sp?) poems in school, and made this one for me, as further evidence that she is a kind, sweet, and thoughtful daughter. At least when she’s not acting like a crazy person. 😉

Personally, I’d never heard of acrostic poems before, but in case you can’t read it, mine reads:

Moonlit eyes
On top of things
Times together are fun
Hundreds of hearts are in you
Eggs are stinky but you are sweet
Rose is what your name should be.

All together now, awwwwwwww!

What do YOU think?

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