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Our dog is a drug addict!

As you may remember from last summer/fall, Lucy had a bit of a health scare.  She was ultimately given a tentative diagnosis of Masticatory Myositis, after exams, bloodwork, and a biopsy which involved shaving her head.

As you can see, the fur on her head is FINALLY starting to look back to normal, not that she wasn’t adorable, even bald (click here for a reminder of how she looked bald). 

But even after months of Prednisone, starting with 2 pills/day, then 1 pill/day, and eventually 1/2 pill daily, she ran out again on Saturday.  She’d been doing great, and not crying or showing any indication of discomfort, so we figured instead of refilling right away, we’d wait a few days to see how she did without.  Today, I’m home from work because Roni is sick (and I feel a little under the weather myself, but not as bad), and I noticed that after I fed Lucy her breakfast, she didn’t eat it right away.  2-3 hours later, around 10:30 this morning, I noticed her bowl was still full.  Huh?!?  That’s not beagle-ish behavior at all.  Normally, Lucy eats anything placed in her bowl within minutes.  But not today.  Which made me wonder if her jaw might be hurting from being off the Prednisone for a few days.  So I called the vet, and she said we should bring Lucy in for another exam.  Before we left the house, Roni gave her a crunchy treat, and she spit it out a few times before she ate it, which is also very unlike her usual behavior.

During her exam, she seemed OK, but even though she didn’t cry when the vet opened her mouth, she was clearly reluctant and resistant to it.  Even more than she normally would be, because let’s face it, it’s a weird experience for a Dr. to forcibly open anyone’s mouth, even a dog.  Everything else seemed normal, but because Lucy had skipped breakfast, the vet did recommend re-starting the Prednisone, but reducing the dose to 1/2 pill every other day for a few weeks, then every 3 days for a few weeks, then every 4 days, etc. until we figure out how often she needs them, or until she doesn’t need them at all.

Sounds a little like a 12-step program, but for dogs, right?  I’m suspicious that she just missed taking the pills because we always wrapped them in cheese to make sure she’d swallow them.  And of course, after her vet exam, she happily crunched down 2 or 3 treats that the vet gave her, and as soon as we got home, she promptly polished off her previously ignored breakfast.

That said, here she is, hopefully staring at me while I cut all the pills in her new refill in half, so we don’t have to do it as we go.  Maybe she’s not a drug addict, so much as a doggy con artist?  What do you think?


Ack! Another belated post (Saturday 3/19/11)

It’s a good thing I’m playing catch-up, I guess, because I didn’t even realize that I never posted a weigh-in update on Saturday Mar. 19.  It was good news too.  I lost 1 pound, which brought the current total to 19 lb. lost, 35 to go.  I’m sure none of you were just DYING to know my result, but I promised in July to post weekly updates, so weekly updates will be posted.

In the future, I’ll try to post them in a more timely manner.  <blush>

Shoeper Challenge 16 of 59 (Dexter for Payless)

Since I’m playing ketchup catch-up, I might as well make a shoe challenge post this week.  I had to dress for a legal department photo today to include in a company-wide presentation, so I figured why waste having blown my hair out straight and not take a picture, so I self-timed a quick photo in the office kitchen on my way out for the day.  I know the detail of the shoes doesn’t show well here, but they’re the same shoes I wore on Thanksgiving, and you can see the detail better in the picture I took then.

Cool Sky this morning

Just a random snapshot, since I had my camera with me.  I loved how the sun was *trying* to peek through the clouds & trees here this morning.  And I was ridiculously flattered when I showed it to a coworker, and she said she’d been looking for something like this framed in black & white to hang as artwork in her home.

Decades Day (Fri. 3/18/11)

As promised, here are my pictures of Veronica dressed for “Decades Day” at school last Friday.  She chose the 80’s, and I think she pulls off a pretty convincing (and adorable) mini-Madonna.  We didn’t have an armful of black jelly bracelets for her, and she didn’t want an armful of silly bands instead, but I think that’s mostly because her teacher forbids them in class, and we weren’t sure if there would be an exception for Decades Day, and she didn’t want to lose them.

Leaving the ponytail teased & tangled drove me a little crazy, but I think my restriction on letting her wear the dress off her shoulder in true ’80’s style drove her a little crazy…

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First day of spring – really?

First day of spring – really?

Almost spring…

Almost spring…