Shoeper Challenges 17 and 18 (of 59) — F21 & Glacee

I’m falling behind on shoe challenges too.  I’ve done two this week, one yesterday, and another one today, but I’ve been too exhausted to post.  I also failed to update my weekly WI.  Again.  Gah!  Anyway, here I am yesterday, dressed to bring my dad back to the hospital because he needed a blood transfusion.  The shoes are my pewter jewelled flats from Forever 21, and the transfusion went smoothly.  Please keep the prayers coming that he can improve his nutrition and have better lab results on Monday.  He REALLY needs them.

And today, here I am in the lobby of my building.  It’s one of my more boring pairs of shoes (Glacee low brown boots), worn with pretty boring clothes.  And it’s not a great picture for seeing the shoes anyway, so I took a better picture so you could see the shoes:

Oh, and I lost another pound on Saturday, which brings me to 20 lb. lost (again), with 34 lb. to go.  🙂

2 responses to this post.

  1. Beautiful boots and beautiful attitude… it’s always great to set some goals (like finishing studies, diet, etc), so, I’ll keep my fingers crossed, I’m sure you’ll reach your goal!!!!!!
    And I’ll also keep my fingers crossed for your dad – I will really do so! I know how nice it is to have a dad, and I wish everybody to be healthy and happy together!
    Have a great weekend!


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