Shoeper Challenge 11 of 59 (Naturalizer)

Also known as “One Step Forward, One Step Back.”  Or “Slouchy Sunday.”

You might be thinking to yourself “Wait just one minute,” “Hold the phone,” or “What the…?”   You thought my shoe count stood at 58, so why is the title of this post 11 of 59?  Hmmm…

Could it be because I bought these leopard print sandals that I blogged about before I went to Vegas?  Well yes.  Yes, it could.  And it is.  Because I am not following Shoeperwoman’s policy of “one in, one out” for my shoe challenge.  I tossed a number of pairs before the challenge began, knowing there were pairs I would definitely not wear in the next 11 months.  So if I was going to follow “one in, one out,” I would have kept some of those, knowing they’d be exchanged later.  So really I’m just cutting to the chase by buying these without tossing a pair in their place.

I also know I said I’d planned on buying these if I “won” $44 in Vegas, and I’m justifying this on a technicality.  I didn’t win $44 overall, but I did come home with more than $44 cash in my pocket, which some might consider a win.  I also did win at least $44 in some stretches, so I’m going to count that as a win purchase.  Especially because the only souvenirs I bought myself there were a small photo album, and a small photo frame.

Anyway, back to the present.  I did NOT wear the leopard sandals today, since temperatures were mostly only in the 40’s, which is a lot better than the 20’s, 30’s, or colder, but it’s still hardly sandals weather.  So today, I was lazy and saved a pair of black errands shoes, that I wear mostly for lazy weekends, or walking to my office & back from the train.

So please don’t judge me for my laziness or un-fashionability (I just made that word up) today.  I was comfortable, and some days, that just has to be good enough.


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