So glad I didn’t quit last week

Because I lost 1 lb. this week.  I need to keep this momentum, but seeing this loss should help keep me motivated.  It’s especially encouraging to know that I can keep losing, even in weeks I don’t exercise, by really being careful and conscious about what I eat.

This is especially important because when I do find time to exercise, it’s usually around 5:00 or 5:30 a.m., which is really not a pleasant hour to be waking up at all, but sometimes you just do what you have to do.  This week being Daylight Savings Time though, is probably one of THE hardest weeks in the year to accomplish this goal.  Those short days in the dead of winter are no picnic either, but at least they sneak up on you kind of gradually.  Springing the clocks ahead makes it feel like TORTURE for me to wake up, when it feels an hour earlier.

That’s because I’m VERY slow to adjust when the clocks spring forward.  Most people adjust on Sunday, and they’re fine on Monday or Tuesday.  I swear, it takes me most of a week.  Maybe it’s because I desperately miss the days where I could at least sleep in on the weekends, which I can no longer do with any predictability or regularity because both my kids are early risers.  Up and out of bed by 7 a.m. even on weekends 99% of the time.  I think the latest either of them has ever slept is 9 a.m.

Anyway, getting up at an hour that feels like 4:00 a.m. is not realistically in the cards for me.  Once I’m asleep, I might wake up bet. 1-3 a.m. (and have difficulty falling back asleep), or at 6:00 or later.  So, now you see why I’m not likely to wake up early for exercise this coming week, which makes my ability to lose weight without exercise even more important.


The Queen of Excuses Not to Exercise.  ♥

*p.s.  If the weather is cooperative, I might still try to squeeze in some lunchtime walking, or a dogwalk with the kids after work.

*p.p.s.  New total:  18 lb. lost, 36 to go.


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