Shoeper Challenge 10 of 58 (Liz Claiborne Flex)

Here I am on Tuesday.  Veronica took the picture of me.  She really likes using my camera, which I think is sweet, and I’m always pleased when she doesn’t drop it or break it.  Every time I let her use breakable things, I have a little flashback to when she was 18 mos. old and picked up my glasses from my nightstand, put one arm of the glasses in each hand, and then spread them out to the sides as wide as she could.  They were beyond repair.  If she hadn’t broken them, it wouldn’t have been time for a new pair, but at least I think insurance covered the new pair.

Heck, if she had broken my camera, the extended service plan might have even covered it, but I still get nervous about it.  Weird, right?

That said, here are the pictures:


What do YOU think?

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