Shoeper Challenge 9 of 58 (American Eagle for Payless)

Today was not a very exciting day, but it was good.  I went with my dad for his 5th of 6 weekly chemotherapy treatments, and he’s still tolerating them remarkably well, with very few side effects, and he’s maintaining his weight pretty well too.  I’d like to take some credit for that, since I’m supplying him with cases of Ensure Plus from BJ’s, and for 3 of his chemo sessions, I’ve brought him some homemade, hearty meals.

First was meatloaf with mashed potatoes and apple pie.  Then I brought him a huge Shepherd’s Pie, some of which he still has in the freezer.  Today, I brought him half a shoulder of pulled pork with semi-homemade BBQ sauce.  Jim actually made the pulled pork, which I’m pretty sure puts him in the lead for both husband of the year, and son-in-law of the year.  You know, if there were actual awards for things like that.

Anyway, on to the shoes.  I just wore my green flats with a bow, which was good, because his 9:45 appointment that should have lasted 3-4 hours, lasted until 3:30 p.m.  So we didn’t get to go home and have the pulled pork sandwiches for lunch as planned.  We ate hospital sandwiches, and he’ll have the pulled pork for dinner.  We kept some for ourselves too, and I can tell you, it’s phenomenal!

As you can see, Sabrina wanted to get in the picture, and after that, of course Veronica wanted to be in a picture too.  They *may* have inherited my competitive streak.  It’s a good thing they’re cute.

What do YOU think?

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