I wish!

I wish I could justify buying these shoes.  Unfortunately, even if I could justify the expense, they’re not available in my size.  If I was to win $44, perhaps when I go to Vegas later this month, and these are still available in a half size bigger than I usually wear, I might just have to cave in to temptation and order them to see if I can get away with it.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to starting the Shoeper Shoe Challenge on Monday, which will involve wearing all 58 pairs of my shoes over the course of 1 year, and taking a head-to-toe picture to document the wearing of each pair.  I also have to do this for any new pairs I might acquire during the year, and any pairs that remain unworn* have to be tossed or donated.

*The following types of footwear don’t count — I get to keep them without documenting them:  Utility shoes (workout sneakers, snowboots, and beach flip flops), and shoes that have sentimental value (my wedding shoes, and the shoes I wore for Sabrina’s baptism).


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  1. […] it be because I bought these leopard print sandals that I blogged about before I went to Vegas?  Well yes.  Yes, it could.  […]


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