Shoeper challenge part 2 (7 plain ones)

In case it’s not self-explanatory, these are the boring shoes in my closet, but they’re boring shoes that I want to “save” in the shoe challenge anyway.  Some of them I wear pretty often.  Others I don’t wear as much, but I want to keep them, so I’m comitting to wear them, and document what I wear them with.

One pair was purchased specifically for touring a coal-burning power generating plant.  There were very specific requirements, and despite the extent of my shoe collection, NONE of my other shoes fit the bill.  They had to have a heel (no ballet flats or wedges), but a low one (no chunky heels or any height at all).  They couldn’t be open toe (no sandals, flip-flops, or peep-toes) or open heel (no slingbacks, slides or mules), and they had to have a non-slip sole.  Sneakers were also prohibited, but I forget why.

So, I ended up buying a pair of black loafers (the ones near the center with the silver bar on them).  That was in 2008.  I don’t think I’ve worn them since, which is kind of surprising, because while my taste in shoes has evolved and become MUCH more eclectic (and eccentric?) since then, I used to wear low-heel black loafers all the time.  I mean really, ALL.  The.  Time.  In law school, I actually wore through the soles of a good pair in less than a year.  Since then, even my loafers had a heel on them for work.  So, I’m going to go back to my student roots to save the plain black loafers, whether they’re pretty or not.

Detailed inventory:

32.  Tall black boots

33.  Black shoe-boots

34.  Black buckle loafers (the power plant touring shoes!)

35.  Black loafer mules

36.  Black ribbon ballet flats

37.  Black “errand” flat mary-janes

38.  Brown “errand” flat mary-janes

What do YOU think?

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