Aaah, blue sky again

Aaah, blue sky again

After yesterday’s storm (we got another 12-18″ of the white stuff), it was a relief to step outside this morning and see blue sky.  I took this picture from my back porch, looking out at the tall pine trees behind our fence.

When I got to my train station, the sun was still behind the trees, and I took two more pictures.  I’m kind of obsessed with the sky right now.  The beauty of it is often awe-inspiring to me, and I’m fascinated with how often it changes, and how extensively.  So don’t be surprised if I start posting more random photos of the sky to show what my weather is like.  It was too cold & gray and unpleasant to be outside yesterday, so I didn’t take any, but I’ll try not  post too many that are too much alike.

Anyway, here are the two I took at the train station.  Enjoy.  🙂

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