The psychology of cookies.

This is what conversations are like in my house on a Sunday.  It comes down to a debate (while watching playoff football) about how many cookies to make using 1 bag of Nestle chips.  You know, the classic Toll House recipe.

When I make them, I use the recommended “heaping teaspoon” portion, which produces approximately 12 cookies for a small baking sheet and 15-16 for a large sheet.  I get between 4-5 dozen cookies from 1 bag of chips this way.  It’s Sunday, so to spare you from having to do math (even easy, 3rd grade math), that’s 48-60 cookies.

When Jim makes them, I don’t know what portion rule he uses, but he only gets about 3 dozen (36) cookies from one bag of chips.  Which obviously makes each cookie nearly twice as big as when I make them.

Either way, the cookies are mouth-wateringly delicious.  Especially when they’re just barely cooled after they come out of the oven.  But when I asked why he makes them so big, he explained he likes to make them “bakery-sized”.  I replied that he feels less guilty eating 2 cookies.

I’m the opposite.  I like having them smaller, then I can have more of them for the same # of calories.  I also feel less guilty being able to eat just ONE cookie, and not have it cost me a load of calories.  So, we agree to disagree.  When I make them, they’ll be small (and only the last third will contain walnuts), and when Jim makes them, they’ll be big and ALL have walnuts.

After today, I can’t have any for 2 days anyway.  Hopefully by the time I can have more, they’ll be gone.  You know, so I can lose some weight this week.  😉

What do YOU think?

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