Pet Peeve of the Day

No, this will not be an actual daily feature.  Even though it probably could be.  I have a LOT of pet peeves.  Like when people say nucular instead of nuclear.  Or liberry instead of library.  But I digress.  Nobody actually did that today, which is good.  Plus it’s Friday, which is also good.

Do you know what’s NOT good?  You might, but I’m going to tell you anyway.  My evening commute is not good.  It’s full of crazy Massholes who drive too close behind me.  During the day, I can accept this.  At night however, it drives me.  COMPLETELY.  INSANE.  Especially when said crazy close-drivers insist on using their high-beams.  And when said crazy close-drivers (like close-talkers, for those of you who are Seinfeld fans, only in cars) drive the commuter equivalent of Monster Trucks, so that their “normal” headlights are about 3 feet above where they would be on a “normal” passenger vehicle.  Which makes them glare right in my eyes through my rear-view mirror.

So I end up flipping up my mirror every night, and sometimes even adjusting my side mirror when these crazies veer to one side or the other behind me.  And, while minimally inconvenient, I completely hate it, and therefore, I believe it truly classifies as a pet peeve.

But it’s Friday, so I’ll cope.  And the days are getting longer, so hopefully it won’t be long before my evening commute is once again done during daylight hours.


What do YOU think?

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