Straight C’s & S’s?

Veronica’s knees *look* back to normal, we’re treating the Lyme Disease diagnosis, waiting to hear back from Monday’s specialists, but she also got her first 2nd grade report card yesterday, and it’s good news all around.  They don’t grade on a scale of A-B-C-D-F, but instead they use C-S-N-U or N/A.  C is for Commendable, S = Satisfactory, N = Needs Improvement, and U = Unsatisfactory.

Veronica (a.k.a. “smarty pants”) has got straight C’s for Reading, Language, Spelling, and Math.  “Work habits” (things like cooperation, completing homework, listening, etc.) and Art, Music, Gym, Social Studies & Science are scored S = Satisfactory, I = Improving, or N = Needs Improvement.  Smarty Pants has straight S’s there.  For good measure, here’s the note that Mrs. Smith wrote to give more detail on how she’s doing:

Veronica is a hard working second grader.  She is not afraid to challenge herself or extend her thinking to a higher level.  She is definitely more confident in her reading ability than her math, even though she is strong in both.  Veronica prefers to work alone and if given the choice would do so for most activities.  I’d like to see her become more comfortable in group work.  In addition, our goals for next term are to further incourage her strong reading and writing skills and to help her to see herself as having a great math mind.  Thank you for all you are doing at home to support her learning.


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  1. Yay for Veronica! I remember my school graded Excellent-Satisfactory-Needs Improvement-Unsatisfactory. My smarty pants self always got Excellent *shameless self-promoting*.


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