30 for 30 day 29

30-for-30 items:  Green v-neck sweater, brown tweedy dress-pants (I don’t know the actual name of the pattern, sorry!), and brown patent croco-print slingbacks.

Accessories:  Pink/Purple sunglasses (Jim & I actually debate about whether they’re pink or purple – I know the picture’s dark, but let me know what YOU think).  Purple beaded necklace (which I oddly remember that I wore on my first day back @ work after Sabrina was born in 2007 — it’s odd that I remember this because I have NO IDEA what I wore my first day back after Veronica was born.  Weird, huh?)

Notes:  Not pictured are my heavy wool peacoat, gloves, hat, and scarf, because for the love of cheese, it was COLD outside yesterday.  That’s also why this picture was taken on the covered overpass above the tracks at my train station, because I couldn’t bear to remove all my winter outerwear on the platform.  Interestingly, it hasn’t even snowed yet (knock on wood — I’ve been hearing forecasts that we’ll be seeing our first flurries any day now).


What do YOU think?

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