30 for 30 day 25 w/ a handsome stranger

30-for-30 items:  Black flared dress (Calvin Klein), black cardigan, and black patent heels

Accessories:  Silver circles watch, Red tights, green necklace (another Francesca’s favorite), pewter sequined purse, and trusty husband, looking dashing himself in his velvet blazer.

Notes:  This was at my company holiday party, which was at the State Room Boston.  I’d never been there before, but the views were truly breathtaking.  The party was also beautifully decorated, with good food, open bar, and a great live band playing classical-style music during dinner.  Who can resist smiling when you hear the Snoopy Christmas Special music anyway?  Not me, that’s for sure.  The DJs were not so great, but I hate dancing at these events anyway.

I was also kicking myself when I saw this picture because I realized that I forgot to wear my skinny belt with the silver buckle that makes me actually look like I *might* have a waist, but oh well.  No-one’s perfect, right?

What do YOU think?

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