30-for-30 Day 21


30-for-30 items:  Black cashmere turtleneck, tan dress pants, & red high-heel mary janes.

Accessories:  Red Mickey Mouse watch, red & gold beaded necklace (hand-made by Auntie Joyce).

Notes:  Andrea & I met up today to take ALL the kids to the Nutcracker in Duxbury today.  Sabrina saw the Dr. this morning, and indeed has both ears infected, and the right eardrum had ruptured, but the Dr. who saw her prescribed Zithromax, and she was able to take her first dose before we had to leave for the show.  So that was a relief.  All 4 kids really liked the show, and sat so quietly to watch.  It was very sweet.

My kids also got a kick out of riding to & from the show in Andrea’s minivan, since she has a TV in the back for them to watch, so they were even all good in the car.  Plus they all had chocolate lollipops for the ride home.  Sweet!

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