Happy Pie Day!

This is unusual for us.  There were 7 of us at dinner, and there are usually AT LEAST that many pies.  This year, there were only 4.  Partly because I didn’t make my favorite (Cranberry Pie — which also makes a delicious Black Friday breakfast, but makes my HS reunion weight loss goal just a *little* harder to reach), and partly because my mom refrained from buying any ready-made pies to supplement the homemade ones this year.

For the homemade ones, here’s the rundown (clockwise from top):  Pumpkin 2-layer pie (the 2nd layer is a blend of Cool Whip & Cream Cheese), Nutella Pie (recipe below, so if Andrea wants to look away, she can), Mincemeat Pie (homemade crust, I think — also, for the record, my dad is the ONLY one who likes this!), and last but not least, Ice Cream Meringue Pie (with vanilla ice cream this year).


If anyone is interested in making Nutella Pie (which Jim claims credit for “inventing”), it’s so easy a 3-year old can do it:  Mix 1 tub of thawed Cool Whip (we prefer light or fat-free), with anywhere from 1/2 to a full jar of Nutella, then spread this mixture into an Oreo crust (Jim uses a store-bought one).  I think it would be just as tasty in a graham-crust, but I’m not crazy about Oreos, so that could just be me.  I think it could also be nicely topped with another thin layer of Cool Whip.  Freeze the prepared pie overnight, or else it’s a little sticky to cut & serve, but even sticky, it sure does taste good.

What do YOU think?

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