30 for 30 day 18 (Thanksgiving)

30-for-30 items:  Black sweater dress & black “Pilgrim” shoes*

Accessories:  Purple medallion necklace (Francesca’s), silver circles watch, rhinestone/tortoise sunglasses (that I should have been wearing, since I’m so squinty, even though it wasn’t really sunny out – what’s up with that???) and teal tights.

Notes:  Happy Thanksgiving!  Roni had scolded me for not being Thanksgiving-y enough, so I told her I thought the shoes were kind of like what the Pilgrims would have worn, since they’re black with a large silver buckle.  She bought that, so it worked out OK.  Also, some of you might recognize that this picture was taken at my parent’s house, where we had dinner, watched a little football, a little other TV, and played some Texas Hold’em (for play chips only, not for real money).


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  1. You look really pretty! I love the dress. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!


  2. […] Posted March 23, 2011 by Karen in Photos, Pretty Shoes!. Leave a Comment Since I’m playing ketchup catch-up, I might as well make a shoe challenge post this week.  I had to dress for a legal department photo today to include in a company-wide presentation, so I figured why waste having blown my hair out straight and not take a picture, so I self-timed a quick photo in the office kitchen on my way out for the day.  I know the detail of the shoes doesn’t show well here, but they’re the same shoes I wore on Thanksgiving, and you can see the detail better in the picture I took then. […]


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