30 for 30 day 16

30 for 30 items:  Green V-neck sweater, Black dress pants, Black patent heels

Accessories:  Silver circles watch, faux-amethyst & peridot ring, tied pearl necklace, black belt with silver buckle, pink sunglasses, and you can’t see it, but I have a silver beaded hairdo-thingy holding my hair up in the back.

Notes:  Once again, I’m meeting Jim in the lobby of his buiding for lunch.  Would you like to know why?  Because I’m a GIANT idiot today.  That’s why.  I Got everything together to leave the house.  Laptop — check.  Phone — check.  Ipod — check.  Book — check.  Shoes — check. Keys — check.  Work badge — check.  Breakfast — check.    Only the minute I stepped onto my train, I realized I forgot to grab my WALLET.  D’oh!  So, I’m on the train with a large rolling briefcase-type bag holding all the aforementioned (nice legalese word, right?) items, when I realize I DON’T have:

*My T-pass
*Bank card
*Credit Card

I called Jim on the train to see if he caught the same one, but he didn’t, and was stuck in traffic, so he probably couldn’t catch the next one either, so I figured I’ll just tell the conductor that I forgot my pass and hope he lets it slide.  Sometimes they do, but other times they can be really uptight about it, to put it nicely.  I figured the worst they could do is make me get off at the next stop, and I’d find out what train Jim was on, and get that one, since he’d have cash to pay my fare if needed.

I lucked out twice:  1.  A fellow passenger overheard my phone call and volunteered to let me use his pass, since he’d already showed it to the conductor at an earlier stop, and 2.  the train was so crowded, the conductor never even came through, so I worried for nothing.

I hadn’t brought my lunch today either, so that’s why I had to go to Jim’s office to get $$$ from him for lunch and my train ride home if THAT conductor throws a fit.  So, problem solved, but I feel like an idiot for forgetting something so basic.  Hopefully, your day got off to a better start than mine.  🙂

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