30 for 30 – Day 10

One-Third of the way through this already?  I was a little nervous at first, but this is flying by!  More fun than I expected too, and it’s also having the effect of FORCING me to plan my outfits in advance.  So it’s kind of nice in the morning to wake up, and not have to scramble frantically trying to figure out what to wear between what’s clean, what fits, what matches, and what looks good.  🙂

I even kept my promise to bring home the heels for the duration of the challenge, so I can photograph complete outfits, and not have all my pictures be in flats.  I must confess, it was raining torrentially when I left for work this morning, so my adorable gray booties came to work in my bag, while ugly winter boots adorned my feet, and kept the bottom of my pants dry.

I think today’s items are self-explanatory, but for the sake of maintaining a pattern, here’s what I’m wearing:

Top:  Light blue cordoroy jacket (Anthropologie)

Bottom:  Black Liz Claiborne dress pants

Shoes:  Gray stiletto booties (Forever 21)

Accessories:  *Red Mickey Mouse watch.  *Multi-colored silver & tiger’s eye necklace, which was a gift from Jim in 2000 or 2001.  It was before Veronica was born, so I’ve had it for ages, but it’s still perfect.  🙂


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