30 for 30 – Day 8

Top:  Black & white “bubble” top (Kohl’s)

Bottom:  Boot-cut Levi’s (have I mentioned that if I could wear jeans EVERY day, I probably would?)

Shoes:  Liz Claiborne shoe-boots

Accessories:  *Silver circles watch.  *Faux-pearl cocktail ring.  *Handmade necklace on ribbon, with a silver, freshwater pearl, and red bead pendant.  This was a birthday gift from Andrea a few years ago, and I think how glad I am to have her in my life every time I wear it.  ♥

I’m home from work (again) today for a planned personal day.  I’m still sick, but I think getting better.  My cough alternates between whether it’s going to hurt in my head or my throat, but I’m up & dressed, as you can see.  Jim drove me to drop off my car at the shop this morning to have a tail light fixed, and my front brake pads replaced.  It should be done within the day (we found a mechanic down the street who we really like – yay!).  Otherwise, I’m just going to lay around, trying to get 100% better so I can get back to work tomorrow.  It’ll be a short (and therefore extra-busy) week, and my boss is in town on Wednesday, which is always good to have a face-to-face check-in, since I’m lucky to have a good boss too.


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