30 for 30 – The *rest* of the items

3 Jackets (The picture is terrible, but you’ll see them more clearly when I wear them)

16.  Pink Corduroy blazer (Liz Claiborne)

17.  Light Blue cordoroy, military-style (Anthropologie)

18.  Navy Blazer (Carol Horn?)

2 (black) dresses.  Again, the details didn’t photograph well, but I think they’ll show more when I wear them:

19.  Black pleated dress (Calvin Klein)

20.  Black sweater dress  with cable top, bow at waist and patch pockets (TJ Maxx)

5 (light) tops:

21.  Ivory ruffle-neck tank (August Silk)

22.  Lavender cashmere tee (Target)

23.  Red & Pink ruffled wrap (Kohl’s)

24.  Red striped sleeveless sweater shell (Marshall’s)

25.  Black & White bubble-top (Kohl’s)

And finally, 5 sweaters:

26.  Black cashmere turtleneck (Target)

27.  Brown cotton boat-neck (H&M)

28.  Green V-neck cotton (Gap)

29.  Red & Black patterned V-neck (Gap)

30.  Black V-neck cardigan (Target)


What do YOU think?

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