I am such a sucker for animals.  And so disappointed in people.  I spent the day @ the beach with Andrea.  It was a great day.  On my way home though, no more than 1/2 mile from my house, I saw this dog.  I also saw her standing in the middle of the road like a piece of furniture, and saw her very nearly be hit by another car.  So, I immediately pulled over to check to see if she had tags, hoping to promptly return her to her home.

Only she doesn’t have any tags.  Only a choke collar, but no tags or any other indication that she has a home, except that she’s very white around the face (maybe a senior doggy?)  and she seems to be well-fed.  She’s also VERY sweet, and seems obedient.  She hopped right into my car when I opened the door for her, and rode nicely until I arrived home.  I let her out, and she sniffed around a little, and let me tie her to Lucy’s runner in the yard.  I gave her a bowl of food & water, which she didn’t seem very interested in, but I figure if I can keep her safe in my yard overnight, I’ll bring her in to Lucy’s vet in the morning, since they’re closed today, but they can scan her for a “Home Again” Microchip, and clean up the few scratches she has (maybe from scooting under a fence, or being hit by another car???).

If she doesn’t have a chip, or if they can’t contact her owner, they’ll take her in as a stray for their no-kill shelter, and hopefully put her up for adoption.  A friend of mine who loves Goldens knows someone who might be able to take her in, but first we have to see whether she’s truly homeless or not.

Whatever happens, I just hope she ends up in a good loving home.  Every time I go out & pet her, she wimpers when I walk away like she’s lonely, and when I pet her, she wags her tail like it has batteries.  ♥


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  1. Posted by Karen on September 7, 2010 at 11:42 AM

    Quick update — I brought her to the vet this morning, and they had received a call from someone in the neighborhood near where I found her looking for a lost, 8-year old female Golden, with just a choke collar, no tags or microchip.

    They’re going to scan this sweet dog to make sure she has no chip, but it seems they’ve already found her owners, who are at least actively looking for her.

    Now I just hope they wake up and put her tags on that choke collar, and consider getting her a microchip.


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